Settled in new home up date

Hi all, we have settled in our new house,the neighbours are really great very friendly and helpful.One has cut my hedges and another has sorted the lawn out how kind can people be we are very lucky.

The dog I wanted has come into our lives he is called Jack he is a border collie we adopted him from a animal rescue Center. He is very smart and affectionate.the main thing is it gets me out walking which I'm managing well.

The other thing I mentioned in my previous post is that we have joined a health club,so after walking Jack we go for a swim and also use the spa and steam room,it's really helping with my joints.

I saw my new consultant he is quite young and really switched on he has even made a treatment plan in case I start flaring again.

All in all things are going really well since our move its nice being near our family and being able to look after our granddaughter when needed.

Hope alls going well with my fellow sufferers must close now Jack needs out.

Regards and best wishes Mike

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  • What a nice post to wake up to. Glad everything is good for you at the moment. Enjoy your new home! Mhairi

  • Wonderful news mike. Happy to hear that things sound so positive for you. Long may it Continue!


  • Looks all good and hope it stays that way for you

  • Great news enjoy your new home and your addition to the family xxx

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