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rra sufferer

pt 4 final pt

Well I have told most of my ra story sometimes I regret not listening to doctors re medicatios but expereince with prednisoloe and methotrexate along with anxciety got the better of me and I feel that surgery is the only choice

get me back on track, it wont be easy but I will be approaching the doctors about low dose naltrexone which has no side effects with the exception of possible vivid dreams which is only temporary if at all I have done a lot of research and it is very promising the the research that I have done some doctors are not aware of it or wont mention it or wont prescribe it there are doctors who do prescribe it but you need to find them it is cheap and worth researching,, hopefully I will get back on my feet I know that God is there for me and it helps to have people around me that care and understanding of my situation and I need to stay positive and know never to give up I thank you for hearing my story and please stay healthy and well

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Hi Rocky - If you look around here you will find many people on LDN and some have listed great results with it. Good luck with your new direction and here is a toast to getting pain free...


Good luck rocky. Maybe look you up when I come to Oz next year 😉


Hi dteck thanks welcome to look me up in Australia

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Wishing you the very best on your journey .



Having a positive attitude is always the first step. I wish you peace and happiness on your journey.


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