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ra sufferer

pt 3

-followig from pt 2

Doctors wanted me to try other drugs but as I said phscologically I was very scared sometimes I have regreted this maybe I should have been stronger emotionally I also have some anxiety (side effect to prednisolone ) I know doctors do a great job but sometimes I feel that if you dont listen to them what more can they do (do they give up on you as a lost cause) I think they should do everything they can if you have issues with medications to try and get you right (how do you choose a doctor do you give up on doctors and look other avenues )

pt 4 final final pt

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I'm not quite sure what you are asking?

If you are saying should you give up - NO!

If you are saying will the doctors give up - well, maybe!

What about writing down the pros and cons for the treatments suggested and seeing if you can work out which ones you would rather try?


Sounds like you might need to find a doctor to listen to you. Do not give up. All I can say is you need a people doc, if you know what I mean, a doc that will listen to you and do their very best to best take care of you. It is possible that the prednisone is causing anxiety, but if your taking other meds too, it is possible that they are causing the anxiety, many times pain meds can cause anexiety, lots of meds do.

Blessings and keep on keeping on!!!!



Doctors follow a protocol . They are allotted ten minutes per visit so go prepared. Write down any questions or concerns you have before your visit. Bring someone with you or take notes. It can take time to process all the information coming at you. Trust me , you will soon become an expert on your condition. I find this site the best resource regarding medications. Most members have lived with RD for years. Remember, the drugs are frightening but so is your condition. Autoimmune disease can affects many organs as well as joints. In fact, what is compromised with RA(RD) is synovial fluid and lining of bones. The damage to your body can be extreme so you must weigh risk vs gain. Serious drugs for a serious disease.


Just wanted to add one more suggestion. I have a very long list of drug allergies so I had my genetics done. Part of the program is both pharmacokinetics and nutrigenomics. It tells you how your body will respond to drugs in advance, well worth the investment. I currently am covered in a rash from Clindamycin. My dentists prescribed for abscess. I try to avoid new drugs because each reaction brings on other sensitivity that is otherwise not an issue. So now I cannot have dairy without a fresh outbreak of hives. It is so crash itchy and Orencia gave me Pityriasis, MTX mouth ulcers etc. The doctors can make adjustments to deal with some side effects. It is very important to treat as early as possible. Try as it can make the difference particularly with mobility. The damage cannot be reversed but can still be prevented.


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