Agony no swelling

Aargh woke up in agony with right wrist. So painful and can't move it. The thing that infuriates me is that it looks pretty much normal- not red or swollen. Thankfully inflammatory markers are always high so there is some evidence but I sort of wish it looked as painful as it feels. Know what I mean or does everyone always get visible signs. Thanks

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  • Know what you mean Elmo.....having been diagnosed with RA 18 years ago I have rarely had grossly swollen joints......I am now on Biologics which thank goodness seem to suit me - but friends still say I should pull myself together & stop taking all the ' poisonous' drugs I have swallowed. No matter how much I explain that joints can be agony but look normal - they still insist on displaying their osteo arthritic joints telling me "that is what a painful joint looks like!

    Needless to say I smile sweetly & thank them for their "advice" then hotfoot to my rheumy for more drugs.

    If you can - take a deep breath, keep plodding on & having your blood tests - hopefully very soon your Rheumy will prescribe "the" drug that will really help to control your flares.

    In the meantime I find an ice pack followed by a heat pad still helps when my wrists play up........wish you better.


  • Thank you, nice to know someone else gets it!

  • Its hard to look well but have severe pain . I know exactly what you mean , one of my sisters is understanding the other thinks I should pull myself together and get on with it - then tells me about her aches and pains, which I listen to and sympathise with as i have got that T - shirt 😀

  • Really aannoyinh isn.t it.i wss in work fri after 3 12hr shifts and was in agony .pain was bad and wrists really swollen .after nursing .hoisting and rolling people .when someone started talking about not looking foreward ti old age and arthritic .telling stories about people they know and wear and tear and si on and so on .grrrrr .

    Love you all .gentle hugs

  • In a way I was lucky as I was diagnosed as I was retiring....I really feel for those of you who have to drag aching joints to work & often look after a family as well.

    I hope you all find brilliant rheumies & fund the right meds for you.

  • I know exactly what you mean. I've often considered asking the same question. I have joint damage but don't usually have significant redness or swelling. And as far as feeling awful but looking healthy, I even doubt myself sometimes, tell myself to suck it up and then end up very bad the next day. It is a VERY frustrating condition.

  • Wow you just decided me i just feel like i am going nuts some times i don't always have the swelling but the pain is there

  • Bless you Elmo. I've only had obviously swollen joints once which felt like burning broken glass in the effected joints. Not nice. Luckily or unluckily when things get painful I tend to go drip white. I've frightened myself with accidental glimpses in mirrors, thinking "who (or what) on earth is that!" Hugs


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