To all those who have been following me and my PIP application. The dreaded brown envelope flopped on the mat today.

I applied for PIP and had face to face assessment on 15th of June thats 29 days ago. I needed 12 points for Mobility, i was awarded 12 points. I needed 12 points for care component, i was awarded 41 yes that is FORTY ONE POINTS. Both awards until June 2021

Many thanks to you all for your support and kindness, for those still fighting claims i will still be here to give any support, help and advice i can. So glad my fight is over. Thank you all, now lets get on with helping the others.


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  • I am so pleased for you it feel great but it sad that we have to go through this process when we have a lifelong condition.

  • Which is exactly what i have written to my MP asking her how much money she thinks they have wasted

  • Congratulations.... I am awaiting to hear after sending my form back! :-)

  • Very best of luck, have you got date for assessment yet?.

  • Well done worth waiting for xxx

  • Thank you, just a shame that anyone with an incurrable disease who has had DLA has to go through the stress of this time wasting and money wasting pointless exercise. 1 quick glance from any medical proffessional could have saved a lot of money and grief.

  • Great to hear of a positive outcome. I'm sure it's a relief.

  • Thank you for your kindness. Be more of a relief if all the poor souls who deserve it just got it without tbem being terrified and stressed out. At least mine was quicker this time. Have written to my mp asking her how such a waste of money can be justified.

  • I hadnt considered that it also gives others hope that we can still get a justified result. We must never give up the fight until everyone that needs help gets it, but i am very pleased i can now concentrate on helping others without the distraction of worrying about my own claim.

  • Good to hear the success stories in all of this as there seem to be so many refusals for folks.




  • Thank you for your kind words but frankly if i didnt get it no one has a chance in hell. Im told 41 points takes some beating and i scored 0 on plenty. We all have to pull together for the folks who deserve it and not getting it but yes i hope its a small beacon of light for the waiting.

  • I think it has probably given hope to some folks.Having read the posts on here regarding PIP there doesn't seem to be any consistency in how they reach their decisions.Folks who think they will get it - don't and then those that think they havent got a cat in hells chance do.

    I just hope they can get this dept sorted ASAP as it's so important and a crucial source of income for some people.The appeals process seems to be a complete set of pants too.How do they expect people to live? And the trauma involved in having to fight your corner when a lot of these folks are so ill and not in a position of strength to do so?

    As with everything in life ,there are cases out there that are not genuine and unfortunately it's that element of the population that spoil it for the truly deserving cases,but that is something that you or I are not in a position to put right.I just hope that the people who run this system see through them,but in all of this process some of the genuine folks get put through the mill having to prove themselves and it's just not right.Just look,at the experiences some of the poor folks on this site have had to go through,and the distress it has caused them.

    I am pleased that you have managed to secure your PIP award so at least it takes the pressure off you for a while.

    Keep as well as you can.



  • Thank you and i 10p% agree with what you say.

  • I am so pleased for you. Wish I had read your posts earlier. You sound a strong minded person who can stand up to these people. But you have only got what you are entitled too. Good on ya!

    I have just received a text this am to say I qualify and will get a letter shortly. Cannot tell you what a relief that is.

    It was my first application and I was so worried. After the assessment I thought I had not really explained everything.

    It is a good day for both of us 😃

  • Good for you and well done. I think we all find our strength when we need to. You would be surprise how strong you can be when strength is the only thing you have left.

  • Well done im going to ring for my claim form next week, any help tips and advice welcome, last time I got turned down because I says I could walk to bus stop even though I'm in agony n now on a crutch.

    Dee xx

  • Good luck to you, i hope you get the help you need Dee x

  • Good for you Leon. You must be so relieved :)

    Love, Legs x

  • Thank you lindalegs, yes i am relieved, i am fotunate, but we must make sure those who dont get the help they need get our support and i will coninue to do what i can for those who get walked over x

  • So pleased for you xx

  • Thank you for your kindness Paula x

  • I am new to this site for RA I missed out on having to apply for pip by 6mths I was 63 at the time not 64 I get mid care allowance and high mobility indefinite award I am terrified of being assessed again especially by someone less knowledgeable than me as I used to be an OT in my old life before RA. Any tips you can give I would be so grateful for I am terrified I am going to loose my DLA Thanks for you help


  • Hi Lyn, but surely you are now past the age for re call arnt you?. I think you have the awards you have and they continue to apply.

  • unfortunately no I am now 66 but because I was 63 instead of 64 when the ruling came into force it seems I do have to apply for pip I missed out by barely 6mths also I don't understand the 64 cut off as women were allowed to retire at 60 and men 65 so where this 64 age cut off comes from I haven't a clue. At my age I am terrified but also very angry not sure if I can go through it again especially as I used to be an OT and understand how corrupt the system is.

  • Sorry i thought once you were padt 64 itit just continued

  • Thanks for your reply but the CAB still say I have reapply for the dreaded PIP due to the fact I was 63 at the time it became law so like did I wait every day for the dreaded brown envelope. Congratulations by the way it sounds like you have been to hell and back well you deserve it I just hope your right and I stay the same. I just cant see it somehow. May be and this is clutching at a very large straw but the new minister may decide to help the people who do not deserve this treatment and have a rethink on the whole PIP fiasco but there again pigs don't fly.

  • I would cross my fingers for you if i could but you will have to settle for the eyes and my unfortunately crossed toes.

  • that's great news for you, good to hear a success story for a change, well done. I've got my appointment in 10 days time - any tips ?????

  • Thank you for your kind words. I have to say that despite what you may have heard and despite the fact that outside of the assessment room they will try anything to catch you out like filming you in the waiting room, leaving your car and on public transport links and leaving home etc and i can tell you they either employ professional under cover staff or they are very entusiastic and dedicated amateurs, being a people watcher and having seen familiar cars and people i can tell you THEY DO. Despite all of that the actual assessments (i have had 3) are both sensible and fair and i think its the DWP that play the tricks not Atoz the assessment people. They have always been polite and considerate and i have answered their questions directly. They are medical professionals, my last one was an Encology Specialst and they know very well what associated and related symptoms symptoms are, they are HIGHLY observational and VERY sharp. For example if you have neck problems they will watch for shoulder and upper arm movements because if you have serious long term neck problems your whole stature and related movement is different and they may just pass you a pencil at shoulder height to see how you take it. Ditto for back problems, hip problems, leg problems etc. I dont believe many people would fool them with fake physical symptoms, a fake in a wheelchair doesnt sit or move like me. So i teally believe if you are direct straight and honest you will be fine. Many people argue about the criteria and i agree with them about that. But within the parameters they are required to work i honestly believe the assessment is reasonably done. I wish you luck and hope you dont have an unpleasant experience.

  • you're a brave soul. Good luck to you

  • Thank you for that, i did what had 2 be done. Just so glad i still have my home. Your fight is just beginning and im sure all the brave, clever and kind people on here will help you through. Your daughter can still have stories at night and as long as you can still throw a dice you will find games you can manage, get her to start helping you with what you find hard, it will make it easier for her to accept and understand what has happened. Beyond that FIGHT, fight for normality and fight to find a way to get what you need and get stuff done but i dont mean try and push yourself physically too hard, this isnt a disease you can kick the crap out of, sure you should push it and try to do everything but too much pain can cause damage and damage is hard to undo. Try all the meds you can and need to because you are likely to find a combination that works and puts the brakes on this for you. Im not gonna kid you some have awful side affects with some people but most dont and many work brilliantly. Ive been unlucky but i am one in many thousands, the vast majority find a manageable treatment regime that makes a big positive difference and for many the disease just stops as quick as it started.

    Good luck.

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