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Quick and maybe last update. (Depends)


I am happy to announce I’m finally in physical therapy. We are working on strengthening my muscles and researching my muscle memory to walk without my hyper extension (so slightly bent knees) as well as to make me have better posture. Honestly the physical therapist has been way better then any doctor. They have explained everything in depth even told me more about EDS (even though I don’t have any of the symptoms other then the hypermobility part) told me habits I need to create to make life better and ones i need to break to keep from getting worse (aka popping my joints such as knuckles, neck, toes, etc.) and how I need to keep a toned body for the rest of my life. Although they said all this can’t ensure I won’t be in pain ever again they have been much more helpful then anyone has ever been. We are moving soon so I hope to join an in person support group for chronic pain to talk to and I will also be getting myself a job a few weeks after the move. We are also having our camper worked on so I’ll be in a hotel for a week (POOL!!! YAY!) and I convinced my parents to let me have my own separate room!!!!!!!! Which is honestly a relief because I’m super irritable because of all the pain I’m in and I would’ve ended punching someone or something if I had to be in a hotel room with my mother (with no privacy) for a whole week. In other news. My dad has been thinking about possibly getting me my own puppy because our dog mollie has separation anxiety and need a living thing at home with her when we are gone. Plus I think my annoying repeated asking and crying is tipping him over. Lol. Anyways. Already my life is getting a little brighter and I passed my ged course so I can go take the test. In any other state then Ohio because you have to be nineteen to get your GED Here. Good thing we are moving. I got a new bed that is oh so comfy. I still don’t sleep very well but that’s not the beds fault. Even though I’ve finally met some people who understand how I feel I still feel sad most the time because my parents don’t get it still. After so much complaining and wincing in stores and my slightly limp I have most the time you’d think they’d get just how much I suffer but hey. What can you do. I also found out about a book focused on conditions like mine that could possibly help them understand but they didn’t even read the book about chronic pain the doctor gave them so you know they won’t read that. Any ways. My thumb is killing me so I’m gonna stop here maybe update a bit more tomorrow. Good night everyone. Hope you have splendid days!!!!!!

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Reteaching up there at the top. Not researching

SO glad things are going in the right way for you my darling. I am sorry your parents still don't understand why and how your like you are.Hugs.xxxx

That sounds like such positive progress! So happy for you!

Sounds as if things are looking up for you - that's really good. And you sound as if you feel that you can stand up for yourself and ask for what you need too. That's something that is often so difficult to do because we feel like a nuisance and undeserving of special things. But we have to let people know what we need - they can't mind read!

My word, what a difference in how you come across in your post from when you first joined us. You sound a lot more positive with your future plans, whereas before you were struggling with everyday situations.

So glad things are working out for you & you are moving forward, although your parents aren't exactly understanding, but you sound as though you have a lot more determination within you.

Good-on-ya. 👊

All the best & keep on moving forward. Ruth x

Thank you and I hope things get easier and better for you as well. ❤️❤️ all the love.

Glad things are moving along better and your feeling more positive

You sound so much brighter and more positive now that you have finally been diagnosed correctly and getting the help you need. Wishing you all the best. X

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