Apple Cider Vinegar and Magnesium

I think have seen posts here about using ACV for acid reflux. I currently take Omeprazole but need to stop it for 2 weeks prior to an endoscopy but worried that the acid reflux will be bad. Any advice would be welcomed.

I have also seen posts about using magnesium as a sleep aid and as I suffer terribly from insomnia, I would really like to know more about this.

Any advice that members can give me would be greatly appreciated! 😀

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  • Try using Colostrum powder. Good alternative. I take a glas of water with a tsp of acv before every meal. Helps me a lot. Also Colostrum powder on empty stomach in the morning.

  • Dr. Carolyn Dean talks about benefits of Magnesium. (Numerous references/ links to her work here: (3rd reply down) if you're interested, Soreknees2016.

    From CD's website ( ), if you enter 'insomnia ' in the 'search box', you'll see a list of articles ( ), which may help.

    Ditto for 'acid reflux':



    Celery Juice has helped some of us with acid reflux. Shadows-walker's post, 'Healing power of celery!', may be of interest:



    Lots of avenues to explore, Soreknees2016. 👍 🤗

    Best wishes for speedy relief. 🙏 🌺 🍀 🌞


  • The whole point of stopping the omeprazole is so that they can see what is happening to the oesophagus with the reflux. If you are suppressing the reflux in other ways with other medication (presuming it works), it would be the same as continuing the omeprazole.

  • You might like to try soya milk, not because it's soya, but because it has a high added calcium carbonate content that acts as a neutralising chemical to the hydrochloric acid in the stomach that produces the pain and inflammation in the oesophagus from reflux. A good time to take it is prior to going to bed. If you can raise the level of the pillow end of your bed by placing blocks under the legs of the bed, that will help. The horizontal orientation of the body facilitates backflow of stomach acid. Diet control also helps, especially avoiding alcohol and fatty/oily products and eating late in the evening.

  • Since I started taking Magnesium, I sleep better and consequently have more energy during the day!

  • Hi shareasmile - thanks for this, just what I was hoping to hear! Can you let me know what brand you use/where you buy it please? Many thanks! 😀

  • I purchase mine on Amazon. I have used a variety of brands, but my latest one is made by Solgar--Magnesium Citrate, Non-GMO, dairy, gluten and wheat free. My dosage is 400 mg every night. It also helps with digestion, if you know what I mean!

  • Excellent - I'll get onto Amazon tonight! Thank you!!

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