Hello knowledgeable ones. I know ESR is erythrocyte sedimentation rate. But has anyone had ECR written in their methotrexate book? OH has with results ranging from >90 to 80s, but even the rheumy nurse didn't know what it was. Anyone know? Or do you reckon the GP nurses are so rubbish they meant ESR? Rheumy nurse said it shouldn't be as they don't do that any more.

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  • Not unless he has problems with his Extensor Carpi Radialis (which is a muscle in the forearm and almost certainly not what it refers to!).

    I'd guess they mean ESR, maybe it's still done by default even though not requested any more (NHS efficiency saving alert 🚨).

  • It could be the lab code for creatinine - the e standing for enzymatic which is the method some labs use to measure it. Creatinine is a test used to monitor kidney function.

  • Hi I was told that it was the ethorocyte sediment rate by my nurse. She explained that it measures time taken for sediment in our red blood to settle within a specific amount of time. Apparently it helps in measuring the amount of inflammation. I think she said the longer it takes the higher the rate. This is what I recall she told me.

  • No, not in RA: the longer it takes, the less likely RA is. In RA, ESR gives a high result quickly. There are certain conditions, where the ESR is slow. Thus, if you have both RA and one of those conditions, the ESR will be meaningless.

    Personally, I think all these blood tests are a waste of time. There are so many co-factors (age, weight, activity, gender, genes, other conditions) that many of them are meaningless. This is probably why medical staff only take any notice if you have an extremely abnormal result.

    I think imaging gives a more accurate result by far.

  • Hiya Jenny. No I never have, I don't think there is an ECR blood test. Rheumy nurses know these things inside out, they should do they deal with them daily so I would think it's just a misspelling. I wonder if she'd been distracted, if writing ESR & also CRP she just got mixed up? I'm intrigued though, my drug monitoring book has all the tests printed at the top of each page & the results are listed below them, is that not the same in your oh's?

  • Hello Nomoreheels, I'm wondering if u or anyone has seen any of Dr Brooke Goldner MDs videos? I found her on Facebook. You might also be able to google her on the net. She sounds wonderful but I wanted to find out what others thought about her. Hope your doing well.🌻

  • No I haven't, sorry. Searching on our site just leads to you asking the question of other members, no responses. Just had a quick look, she's a Psychiatrist in the US who has Lupus so maybe asking on the HU Lupus UK site you'll receive info?

  • Nomoreheels if you can tell me how to post photos on here I'll show you the book

  • Sorry Jenny, only just seen your reply (quick tip, if you reply under the users reply it sends an alert to them. I missed your question because as it wasn't under my reply I didn't receive an alert).

    To post a pic here you'll need to go back into this post. At the bottom of the text template you'll see 'Add photo'. Tap that & (on iPad) there are 2 options, either 'Take Photo or Video' or 'Photo Library'. Tap on whichever applies, select the pic & it should appear. Tap 'Post' & job done.

  • Just an update - OH has been sent a new bloods book now - not entirely sure why but I think it might be to do with being on methotrexate injections now. Anyway, the 'ECR' has been re-written, and I think it's EGFR - which if Google has it right is a measure of kidney function and that results of >90 are good. Does that sound familiar to anyone?

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