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Hello all and Happy Easter!

About four days ago I lost a filling in my tooth. I can't get dental appointment until the 18th.

I've just recently had a steroid intramuscular depot, and had leflunomide increased. I just noticed some twinges in my jaw.

My question is: do I need to be worried about infection? Would it be wise to get antibiotics from GP?

Sorry two questions!

Thanks 😄

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  • Personally I try not to take antibiotics unless it's necessary, and I or my doctor are sure it's an infection. Antibiotics knock out everything good & bad, especially the broad spectrum ones that are often given "just in case". I've found that taking antibiotics might cure infection X, but in the weeks/months afterwards I come down with all sorts of other infections as I've lost my own natural resistance.

    Good mouth hygiene, rinsing frequently with salt water or dental product should stave off any problems until you see dentist. Of course if you develop a temperature or more direct signs of an infection then off to the doctors. But until then try not to fret.

  • I rarely touch antibiotics. I think the last time was three years ago after a tic bite.

    It will be just my luck to get an awful infection at the weekend. Anything to do with the mouth...ouch!

  • Unless your Surgery is open over the bank holidays or a walk-in centre I'm not sure where you'll get a script for antibiotics Nettac, not too sure either they'll just prescribe any anyway without confirmation of infection. Maybe you could pop down to a chemist & buy a temorary filling kit, that should put you on til Tuesday?

  • Temporary filling kits are a waste of money unless the root canal is exposed and it's causing temperature sensitivity and you can't get to a dentist for over a week. As you will just seal in possible nasties 😉. Otherwise, as helix advised and see a dentist Tuesday.

  • Mine was dtech, & knocked sick by too much oil of cloves so no other option until my dentist appointment unfortunately, also after the Easter hols. It helped & wasn't told I'd done wrong so guess there was no lasting problem from doing it & having relief from toothache meant I could enjoy my time off.

  • Lol. Why to teeth/car/utilities etc problems always happen at 5.35 pm the night before a bank holiday weekend?? 😳

  • Murphys I s'pose. ☘

  • Hi

    It's worth remembering that there is an emergency dental service 24/7. You can access this by calling 111.

    Hopefully you will not need it 😊

    Happy Easter 🐣

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