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dental problems

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I have just had some dental treatment and unfortunately I need an extraction in a few months my dentist has refused to do the work as she said I am to difficult to work on has my taw will not open wide enough for her to work so need to go to dental hospital could this be down to the rd I wonder any one else have the trouble.

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Hi June, yes I used to have a dentist who said my treatment was taking too long because of arthritis in my jaw and the NHS only covers for relatively short treatment times. I was made to go to dental hospital, but it was impossible for me, it needed train and taxi etc and because my mobility so poor it was a nightmare. I then found a new NHS dentist and she says she can manage my jaw ok. She has tiny hands and I'm sure this is why she's managing my treatment. Thank goodness I now have my treatments locally, so much easier for me !! Hope you get sorted ok xx

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thank you for your reply I will ask for another dentist to take a look as traveling to hospital for treatment will be a nightmare my dentist is only at the end of my road .

I lost a filling from a broken tooth at the back of my upper jaw I just thought it could be refilled but I need an extraction I have no discomfort and don't need to go back till june but I did not think my jaw was that bad I have no trouble gabbing lol

Possibly you will need an appointment for gas or sedation to extract the tooth.

This generally now is done in hospital and you will need to be seen before an appointment.

Sometimes the waiting period can be quite long period of time.

Generally I need treatment in hospital for sedation, I have just had several teeth out and the check up took place six months before treatment, then they did the work just after the second check up.

When you need treatment in hospital or clinic you need to be referred through your normal dentist and they will always need to refer you every time you need Sedation etc, Your dentist will check the clinics work at your next examination. Possible that this procedure is different where you live. Sedation is very popular. Sometimes it is used to do complicated procedures, like Wisdom Teeth or Root Canal work, Sometimes they may not do crowns, although again this could be done in your area

Good Luck


thank you for you reply it is most informative and reassuring.

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Yes awful pain been to c emergency dentist started me on antibiotics been awake nearly all night my usual dentist has made a right mess of my teeth and like you won't do anything . Had to have 4teeth out due to an infection then have false teeth they don't fit correctly and instead of sending them back to be altered he shaved my bottom teeth they are now crumbling . The emergency dentist was great I explained about my teeth and she told me to make an appointment with her so I really hope she can help me .she also prescribed false salvia in tablet and spray also special tooth paste because the inhalers make my mouth dry they work.this will be the fifth chest infection since last October bronchectasis , started Friday so feeling pretty fed up coughing and pain from tooth .😠

you are having a bad time of it ,glad you found a dentist you can trust , they scare me stupid .have had thing go wrong in the past ,I fear the thought of going is my biggest concern but things are never quite as bad as you fear ,hope you get you chest infection sorted ,there is a lot to contend with this rd has a lot to answer to

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Hi, I had to see my dentist recently due to a tooth breaking up. Amongst prednisolone I also take alendronate acid. These whilst helpful have a nasty side. I was sent to hospital for treatment. Long story cut short , because of my complicated illness he would only offer treatment if it were life/death issue. He advised on minor treatment my dentist could undertake safely.

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that sound complicated hope you don't get too much trouble with your teeth ,it very hard to deal with complicated illnesses small things are some times like great big hurdles and sometimes people don't understand what other are going through .

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I am having problems with my dentist too. I inject methotrexate and Enbrel plus the usual assortment of meds for RA. I gave him my blood results for January (appointment February ) and he said he couldn't polish them as he needed up to date bloods. He makes me feel like I have the bubonic plague. Despite my ' If my bloods are wrong I get a call within two days from GP and the hospital' . Sounds like some of your dentist is like mine. Happy Days!


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that sounds so off putting you should not be made to feel like that hope you get sorted soon

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Thanks, I know! I would have had to double my Pred for a day, being on 21 a day would have been some increase . Like you I am coming down but can only manage 1/2 every 4-6 weeks.

Take care


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I broke a tooth (which had a large filling ) in January and thought that I might have to have the tooth out. But the dentist I saw was very nice and I've now got a crown. I'm taking Humira and had no problems. Clemmie

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I have trouble with teeth and jaw but dentist works with it.I needed a tooth out due to infection in gum but he would not pull it due to the meds i take but rhymy said to pull it and put me on antibiotics which worked hope you get some joy with your problems

thank you beeckey I will have another talk to the dentist she did seem a little hasty to get rind of me ,others have offered me antibiotic's in the past

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