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Dental implants

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I’m due to have 2 dental implants next Tuesday and am very anxious. Although the dentist knows my medical history and that I take methotrexate I’m just wondering if anyone else has had implants and I hat was their experience like? Any advice would be gratefully received x

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I've not had implants, but I've had extensive dental work, including 3 extractions without any problems.I take a JAK inhibitor, leflunomide and prednisolone, did not stop any meds for any procedures on the dentist's advice.

The extraction wounds were a little slow to heal, but did so without infection.

I used salt water mouth rinses morning and evening and have good dental hygiene.

I'm sure you will be fine, dental work can cause a bit of anxiety.

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Emma1970 in reply to Mmrr

Thank you for your reply. I’ve had a few teeth removed recently and it was a bit traumatic and the healing took ages. Im getting a bit anxious about it

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You are starting the process? I had two. One top and one bottom. It’s a long winded process for sure. Have you had the scan which shows bone and sinus status? I’m glad I’ve got the teeth but it was a bit traumatic at times. Particularly the bottom jaw implant. The post operations cleaning regime is considerable. However, I did get a gold star from the dental hygienist yesterday.

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Emma1970 in reply to Madmusiclover

Yes I’ve had scans and he explained everything very well. Both implants are on the top. I’ve had teeth out previously they always took ages to heal . I’m hoping it won’t be too grim and they actually work. Thank you for your reply and well done on the gold star 😉

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Madmusiclover in reply to Emma1970

The top one was a breeze. I’d think twice about having a bottom one done again! Good luck.

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My friend who has RA and takes MTX had and implant several years ago and she has not had any problems

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Thank you that’s reassuring

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I had loads over a six month period in 2019/20. On methotrexate and benepali. Dentist was ready with antibiotics if needed, but didn’t. Never had any issues at all. Good luck and hope it all goes really well for you 🤞🏼🤞🏼

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oh you lucky thing, I would love implants but my gums and teeth are too bad, lost a lot of bone,and gums are rotten

your be fine and your be so happy and your smile will look beautiful too!!

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I need two as well. Please let us know how you get on. Best of luck to you 🍀

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Hi I needed an extraction as lost large filling during first lockdown. New dentist to recently taken over practice said I would need to be referred to hospital as I took FOLIC ACID!!!! I take 20mg methotrexate & sulfasalazine so phoned rheumatology nurse who said to stop methotrexate until wound had healed otherwise should be no problem. Dentist then said they would do the extraction but I declined as not suffering any pain & I am a bit dubious of this dentist. Needless to say the practice has gone all private and I cannot find an NHS practice. My rheumatology nurse was very confident however.

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