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Triple fusion on right foot

Hi all new to this site so bear with me! 😁 having a triple fusion on Tuesday 5th may and extremely worried, thing is don't no what I'm worried about! If that makes sense? I'm in for 2 nights which I'm not looking forward to cos I'm pretty independent person so maybe that's what's bothering me, anybody out had this done? I'm sure there is! Any advice would be grateful I've read up on it online but its not the same as someone going/been through it. Thanks peps 😁

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Hello Peps

You are not alone, when I have had to spend time in hospital I always worry as we can feel out of control when in for an operation as you will be fast asleep and not in control of your body and functions.

The secret is to give permission for the procedure to be done and someone else will take the worry and concern away from you. When you sleep you pass the worry over to someone else and they handover your body back in a more healthy condition.

You also need to understand your GP and Specialist and all the nurses and doctors doing your procedure are in partnership with you to make you better,

After the operation is over all these people hand over yourself to you and others who will make you well. You are responsible to listen to these partners in doing their wishes to make you well and healthy. Your GP and surgery remain in partnership with you until you eventually die. Then of course we become in partnership with whatever we believe at that time



I have had it on 5th february 2015. The first 6 weeks are boring because you may not walk on it. Now I have plaster which I may walk on. It is a long time But the result seems to be good. Hope you understanding my poor English. I am from the Netherlands😉 On the 12th of may my plaster Will be removed.

I have had no real pain from the surgery, I hope you will experience ten same. I wish you good luck for tuesday, and a lot of patience. Hope it Will be a succes!

Warm greetings


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My main advice would be not to drink a gallon of tea if you can't get out of bed while in hospital. Those cardboard bed pans are small.

I've not had this particular procedure, just surgery on a whopping bunion, but the bedpan advice still holds true. Never have I been so embarrassed in all my life - and at visiting time too!

My bunion was a tricky one I think & surgeon was nervous, in a good way - very watchful and conscientious about aftercare. And I got a fabulous result. I was off my feet for ages but it was so worth it, even though I thought the recovery period would never end - it does!


Hi I've had one of these 4 years ago. (or something very similar involving rearranging and fusing various bones in my foot followed by 6 weeks total non weight bearing!) I was terrified but things are rarely as bad as we think.

The operation itself was fine - I had a nerve block + light anaesthetic so was completely out of it (the worst bit was the injections for the nerve block which were quite painful, but hey! it's all over in a couple of minutes).

The following weeks of non weight bearing are tedious, no way round it - don't know about you, but the state of my shoulders meant crutches were not possible, my "good" foot was exceedingly painful to stand on, never mind hop, so basically for 6 weeks it was hop-shuffling, bent over a converted zimmer frame like an old crone (Ha! you are an old crone I hear the family say!) and my days took place within the triangle of chair, bed, toilet!! But I survived.

On the up side - I was lucky, it was november, cold & yucky outdoors. My long suffering husband brought me meals and cups of tea, I stocked up on dvd's, books (I can recommend Ken Follet's Pillars of the Earth!) crosswords, sudoku . . . . . the first few days felt like f o r e v e r . . but as I got used to it, crossing off the days like a prisoner, it went. Now it seems a lifetime ago!

I do hope you have plenty of help - and accept it! I speak as a "fiercely independent lady" - or so I have often been described by nurses, usually because I insist on doing as much as possible for myself - but doesn't everyone?? Although it went against the grain I did start to quite enjoy the lazy life . .!

Keep looking forward to the time you'll be back on your feet rather than focussing on immediate discomfort and the time will soon pass. Nothing lasts forever - even this election campaign . .

Good luck with the op and all that follows!


Hi there

I've had a triple fusion, 2 ankle replacements and an ankle replacement repair so four lots of surgery where I was 12 weeks non weight bearing each time! I know all the tricks and tips to help post surgery so if you want to call me today I'm happy to speak to you. My mobile is 07703 276791.




Just read your post I had triple fusion 6 weeks ago just come of my 6 week non weight bearing I can now weight bear with a sandal type shoe under my cast and take my cast off when in bed it's been my first day and my foot does not feel right slight pain is this normal and how long before swelling goes down I so much want to start being mobile again but don't want to rush things .


Hi jackal, you will feel some pain, simple because you've been nwb for 6 weeks and now everything can 'move' now ie tendons and such, I didn't have much swelling to begin with but I think I was one of the lucky ones because some people have terrible swelling, I'm nearly 6 months po and I still have a little swelling around the ankle but I would have to point it out to people!! Please don't rush to be mobile, I know its very frustrating and boring!! But it is a very slow recovery, some quicker then others!! I found a fantastic group on facebook called ankle fusion where everybody has had/having some part of their foot fused and they have been fantastic and such a friendly group. Please feel free to ask me any other questions and I'll try to answer them, hope your recovery goes well and take it slowly!!! 😁


Hi Ailsa,

I am having a triple fusion on my right ankle, after suffering for many years with extremely flat arches, in February and after reading different sites I am very confused whether to have the op or not. I have not been given any advice about after my surgery so I am not sure how to prepare myself (should I be doing specific exercises to strengthen my legs) or what equipment I will need at home. Please can you give me some advice.

Thank you,



Hi Mandy

I'm sure my experience can be helpful to you. I suggest you call my Exec Asst Lorrraine and book a call with me.

Spk soon




Good luck and hope it really helps your pain and mobility xxx xx


Hi everyone, thanks so much for your replys operation went well on Tuesday and yes I cried my eyes out going to theatre! 😭 all went well apart from the nerve block which didn't work so good so I came round in excruciating pain! The staff were absolutely brilliant I was up on crutches within 18 hours and going to a big girls toilet rather then a commode (which was better then the bedpan!) Came home yesterday with painkillers and dvt jabs that I have to administer myself! All going well at mo but have to remind myself not to be so bloody independent and let other people help! Hope all you are ok and well 😀

Sara x


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