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Hi the date has come i have my attendance meeting at 1pm my union rep is picking me up because I live in Buxton and the meeting is in chapel-en-le-frith he rang me yesterday and said the council is trying to save money and they are looking at getting rid of people it is even happening in schools so I don't know what to except so after 1pm I might have no job I don't feel as if I care it's my birthday today so it will be one of my birthday presents I was off 3 weeks in March I was off using my annual leave back at work for a week now I am off looking after my husband as he has had my big toe fused and a plate put in and it hasn't bothered me not being at work I will let you know what the outcome is


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  • Good luck. Tell it like it is !

  • Good luck, and Happy Birthday!

  • Good luck and happy birthday 🎉

  • Hope it went in your favour either way Dotty. Happy birthday! 🎂

  • Hi not to sure reduced my hrs occy Heath said I was to have my calls close to one another he said not to walk more than half a mile no more than a mile they have cut my calls to three the first one I have to walk 1mile second one two miles third one two miles so how does that make a mile when I told them how far it was the manager said my dso would walk it to see how far it was the dso was trying to say it wasn't that far she had looked on google maps my husband said Google maps distance it as the crow flies he said didn't my rep say anything he sat there and said nothing I don't think he even knew I don't drive and I didn't even know the manager said if it is that far they would pay for taxis I don't think the distance will get checked my dso is lazy then I will struggle to get taxis I didn't feel confident about what was said and the rep just sat there well we will see call me pesemystic they said there would be no more meetings I suppose that's a bonus


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