Outcome of 2nd meeting at school

Well I have just returned from my meeting, and basically the school will make adjustments in the short to medium term to facilitate my return to work, but they cannot meet my needs in the long term! They will accommodate a phased return to work until i'm ready to return to my full time position, but as its a full time position they cant change that to suit my needs!

We have arranged another meeting for 25th February when they are hoping that I will be well enough to make a decision!

My Union Rep has mentioned some package that he could suggest where they basically pay you off but I don't know much about that!

Thank you for your kind comments! x

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  • A little bit better but not much. Maybe if they can't adjust your hours will they make some to your timetable. I still work full time at the moment but that will depend on my health. If you don't have this condition you really have no idea what it is like. I also know what it is like working in a school so can sympathise with you.


  • This comment "some package that he could suggest where they basically pay you off", the best option is to work as long as possible with out going for a pat off. Depending up the age it can be difficult to find another employment. Prepare well in advance for your next meeting, look at the options for short to medium returning to work. Then you will be into summer vacation. You may be able to look at full-time in the next school year.

    Good luck.

  • I'm inclined to agree with Patsy, maybe you could request your timetable could be changed to suit you better? A bit out of my depth here as you know but from my perspective it doesn't sound as though they're willing to do an awful lot in the way of helping you, reducing your hours is obviously out. Sounds like you need heavy help here from your union, someone clued up on this type of situation, well versed in disability rights at work. I'm sorry it wasn't a more productive meeting, this is the last thing you need isn't it? Let's hope it doesn't set you back.

  • I'm glad you and the Union were able to get something worked out for the short term. This will take care of 'right now' however next month it sounds like they want a more permanent solution and will not accommodate hours.

    An employer must make accommodations to include disabilities. The question is ' what is reasonable' it sounds like you got a good Union on your side. I hope your employers do the decent thing

    And are able to come to some agreement.

  • This is so, so far out of my league since I live in the USA. Just in

    our school district that I live in, the union teachers get paid and

    benefits for all of the contract. (usually year to year) and if they

    are sick or need to be off of work for an extended amount of time

    then the sick teacher will find their own substitute teacher to sub

    and will have to pay them from their earnings. There are always

    teachers available in a certain pool - they are hoping to fill spots

    in the next school year. Teachers must be at work for so many

    days out of their contract but it's interesting how it is handled

    in my neck of the woods..

    Good Luck Milliejay. A special prayer for you. XX Karen

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