Atsos meeting

I had to go to bed last night no sleepers or painkillers as have an atos meeting at 9am and my hubby has a list of things be have to do whilst in the town(he will be so lucky) so off I go really not needing this today to put my case across that I have an illness that is very varied. And how I should have the little bit of money that you give me and be grateful. Have a good pain free day everyone xxx

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  • Good luck


  • Thinking of you, if you are not too tired let us know how you think it went

    Hugs (((((( ))))) Axx

  • Allanah. I think it went okay he tried to trick me he asked how I done shopping. I said if my friends. Don,t take. Me I do it online as I was walking. Out he said do you get to sit down when. U. Going shopping I said no there are no chairs in supermarket. That's why I do it online!!!! He asked me to knell. Down and squat. I said no I can,t do that he said why I explained. Again I was waiting for new knees!!! I shattered now as done banking. And shopping whilst in the town I sure.will.suffer tomorrow xxxx

  • Hope you nshowed how bad it is. Best of luck.xx

  • I tried to Sylvi he asked me to do squats I had to explain again I was waiting for a new knee,and he had me doing things with my hands which I couldn't,t do with my right hand as it.was well.swollen today xxx

  • This is from a man who has no idea what ra means. They make me so mad. xx

  • Well done, hope u hear vsoon

  • Good luck and well done. Carole

  • Sadly these medicals are not about the condition but how it affects your daily life, basically it's a disability/functionality assessment to see if we can manage any type of work.

    If you do get contributions based WRAG (work related activity group) you must appeal as that's only paid for a year from claiming, then if you have a partner they're expected to keep you.

    If placed in the support group benefit is continuous regardless of circumstances.

    Good luck, hope the decision goes in your favour.

    Beth xx

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