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Hi all hope you are all well I have been on benepali for nearly 4 months now but don't feel as if it is working yet, was diagnosed about 4 years ago and take mtx 25mg weekly as well as folic acid and sulfasalazine 7 tabs daily. but my bones ache every day and night is this normal. billy

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I've been on it a similar length of time. I also take hydroxy, leflunomide and pred. (not sulfa tho)

I think there has been an improvement in my fatigue, I feel I can do a bit more and sometimes even stay up past 8 o'clock!! But in terms of my pain I haven't really seen much improvement and the past week or so my hands, wrists, toes and ankles are probably worse!

I was hoping it would be a miracle cure, but for me, not yet.....


Im the same dont have as much swelling just the pain in joints


Been on it for six months but not great. Started on mtx 7 and half 3 weeks ago but still getting worse. Dont cope well with mtx



Me too. I was hoping for a miracle but... Is it possible that Benepali makes joints worse?! I have PA in all joints. I gave up work- feels that everyone manages to work through it but I'm a wreck! I'm on mtx as well


Yea a know was hoping it would be a miricle cure get back a normal life and enjoy hobbies again


I tried it but I got worse and wasn't able to lower my steroids below 13.5


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