Poor hand hardly had any sleep 😴 last night the pain was horrendous

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  • I do sympathise. I have AS and it sometimes affects my hands and get swelling, pain and stiffness in the knuckles and base of thumb joint, much like your photo. I find submersing my hands in hot water helps, and applying anti-inflammatory gel helps. My GP says even though I take the NSAID Arcoxia, I can use the cream or gel as so little is actually absorbed.

  • I am sorry your suffering my darling. Hugs from me.xxxx

  • Thank you Hun can't wait to get started on these biological drugs x

  • Hello Deejojo, I am sorry to hear that you have this much pain in your hand, I get this in both, so I know how it feels, I have RA and OA, which does not help. I am on the Naproxen & Tramquel SR 50mg + lots of others daily for pain, but when my hands look like yours, I am given Allopurinol 300mgtwo daily, this does help but doe take time. Like my back I find heat also helps. Hope you find this helpful and remember you are not alone in this, as you will find, just talking on here can help, as everyone understands in one way or other. Carol

  • I hope you feel better soon

  • Thank you Hun x

  • I went through a horrible time with my right hand and can really sympathise with what you are going through. Some nights it was so bad I would willingly have let somebody chop it off. The hospital suggested one of the hot wax baths which I purchased from Argos and did find it helped a lot. Using wheat bags and ice blocks helped as well. The good news is after suffering for about 2 years with it, there is no pain at all now. It is badly deformed especially my fingers but at last no pain, can live with the deformity.

    Just to let you know I hope yours will sort itself out eventually and I really do sympathise with you. Hope you won't have to wait as long as me xxx

  • Waiting on starting new drugs xx

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