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hi im 34 I have AS been diagnosed 10 years now for about 5 months now I'm constantly tired my dr ordered extra tests when I had my last lot of bloods done which are done every 12 weeks as I'm on humira which nothing has shown up on them.I could even understand it if was feeling depressed but I don't. In October my mums best friend who she was a carer for for the last 5 years of their long friendship with which I help where I could taking my mum to do her shopping and visiting with her and helping with appointments etc she had become and I thought of her like an elderly aunt as she was 85 passed away and since then I feel like my get up and go has gone its like she took it with her as she passed and that is the only way I can describe it.Sorry for the long post wondering if anybody has been the same way and would have some advice thank you hope you all are feeling well and are on a low pain day xx

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You are already grieving for the loss of your health, and now another bereavement on top of that. It's not surprising that you are feeling low, lacking in energy and have lost your will to push yourself. And that's on top of the fatigue that affects so many of us coping with this illness.

Be kind to yourself. Have a treat or three - a massage, a bunch of flowers, a new scarf, or what you fancy. Ask for help from others. Take time to write down negative thoughts and think how you can turn them into positive ones. Plan a holiday or break from your normal routine to give yourself something to look forward to. Look after yourself.


What oldtimer says, but also I would say that if you see a doctor and they suggest antidepressants then I would (knowing what I know now) think long and hard before agreeing. I have spent the last 8 months coming off antidepressants and it has been truly horrific. It's the third time I have tried having given up and gone back on them twice, because I didn't think it was fair to my family to have to put up with me being in such a bad mood all of the time, but this time I was determined and have stuck with it.

They do help at the time, but for me all it did was take off the highs and lows and leave me feeling somewhere in between. Sometimes, I feel, it is perfectly natural to feel as you describe. As OT says it is a grieving process and drugs interfere with that process IMO. It just takes time to adjust and to accept the 💩 that life throws at us.

Use this forum to get things off your chest in the knowledge that there are others here that really do get it, have done it and know how you feel.

All the best.


thank you to you both for reading and replying to my post I will try my best to treat myself to something nice xx

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I am constantly tired - but I find if something stressfull hapens I become more tired I then taker time to look after myself - swim, massages facials , visit friends etc and slowly I start to regain my energy - good luckxx


thank you for you kind words and advise think its time take a step back and do something for me xx


Doing something for 'you' sounds good and I'd check your Gp did Vit D deficiency testing? That can really affect mood and energy too, as will grieving. Look after yourself. Hope you bounce back soon.


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