Saw my GP today. Signed off again for another month.

Fed up. Annoyed. What to use every swear word in the dictionary (and yes they are there!). I have a feeling that my job will be gone soon.

Union rep hasn't contacted me as requested. GP says that I have to talk to my Rheummy nurse to discuss my side effects and my condition.

Close to tears.

Feeling alone.


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  • Oh Jacqui, I'm sorry it's all so difficult. You're not alone though, we are all here for you. I know it can feel so very lonely.

    I know they can't give very specific medical advice but the NRAS helpline are amazing. It might be helpful to talk it through with them.

    Sending gentle hugs.

  • How frustrating for you. Could you give your union report another call to chase them up? We're always here for a rant or a moan. Take care. x

  • Oh I intend to chase my union rep tomorrow.


  • Really sad to hear this. Keep your chin up and give that union Rep a piece of your mind. It is after all a service that you pay for.

    Best of luck with things.


  • I am so sorry but fully understand. In a similar posistion. I have beem off work 2 monthsnow, I rang my manager 3 times last week still no call back.

    Do get on to your union again. If you have occupational health they are really helpful, also my O.T is good . All these people can help help you.

    Do you work for a big organisation ? I work for the NHS have done for 38 years, beleive me now days you are just a number.

    Do hope you get to speak to someone. But remember you are most important and your health, do try not to worry and get well soon. X

  • Update.

    Spoke to Rheummy nurse today. She is going to look at my meds. Suggests that I pop my head round her door on Friday when I am up the hospital.


    PS still waiting for union rep.

  • You have my sympathy. I've been off 3 months. I can't get another appointment with the occupational health consultant who stopped me working because he didn't make me another appointment because he thinks I'm too ill to work for a few.months more. My boss new in post who was a member of my team previously I didn't get on with has not contacted me at all or responded to my emails. My fellow officer also new in post but an ex member of the team says she is too busy to catch up and ive been told not to email other team members as they are busy working and don't have time to talk to me. I work in the NHS who are notorious for their treatment of staff. I think my days are numbered. My illness has given my boss just the excuse he needs to get rid and they are clearly cutting me off

  • Occupational health have been in contact. I will having a fourth chat with them on Friday afternoon.

    I hope that you get answers soon.


  • I work for the NHS too and I know exactly what you mean

  • Hey Jacqui - I know you feel alone there, but you have all of us too. It sounds like you need to get with the nurse sooner rather than later. Where you are psychologically is normal at times for all of us, but still not a good place to be.

    Call your union rep again, and if they don't call you back, move up the ladder. I always do that in life if no one is paying attention to what I need. May not win you a lot of friends, but it WILL usually get you what you need and some respect in the meantime..

    Here's sending you virtual hugs..

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