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Just received call from my GP surgery receptionist saying that GP would like to have a telephone appointment to discuss my recent blood test result, but they cannot do this until next Monday!

I attended my Rheumatology appointment at hospital on Friday where registrar indicated that my liver function results from previous test had changed, still kept me on my normal dose of 15mg of methotrexate wkly, had to have repeat blood test same day.

I don't know whether to try and get hold of the Rheumatology nurse for advice now or wait until Monday to speak to GP.

I hate this disease, I never had to take any medication before my diagnosis in December 2013, still don't understand if the swelling in my hands (hardly any pain) and now in my ankles has anything to do with RA.

I am feeling really stressed and don't know what to do. :(

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Don't stress! The mire you stress the worse it gets! I git RA when I was 24 and now I am 54! Trust me stress causes all sorts if complications! Meditation and other spiritualgroups hhelped me with stress! Plus I was overactive which was also a trigger! RA means life change! Have youvread the book you can heal your life? I found that helpful


Hello, no wonder your frightened! If I were you if ring back and ask them which test they would like to discuss and what the result of that test was. It could be something straightforward and not much to worry about like low iron and of course we all think the worst when we get a call like that.

I normally ring and ask for results, if they ask me to wait to speak to gp I normally explain that I'd rather know before taking my methotrexate and that normally does it! I keep an eye on my white cell count which is normally on low side...

They should do this for you, then hopefully once you have this information, come back and hopefully some members here can help you further until your appointment next week. Good luck :)


Thank you Wiliby I think I might try that, the only problem is that our surgery seem to have receptionists like iron doors, can't get through them. :)


Hi Rosielea

I'm not surprised you're feeling stressed. I think the suggestion of finding out what the test was etc is a helpful one, but if you can't get hold of anyone try not to worry. It is not uncommon for a test to be slightly raised and I'm sure if they felt it was urgent they would ask to see you straight away and probably in-person rather than over the phone. Also, these tests often act as an early warning sign anyway, so in all likelihood whichever test it is, it won't be at an alarming level, just a level where they have to be a bit cautious and discuss it with you.

Hope all goes well when you speak to them on Monday.

Kind regards




Thank you Victoria


I think if the result meant it was important for you not to take any of your drugs meantime you would have been told that too.

Can you get to speak to your GP's secretary in the meantime? They may be able to give you a bit more information.

Sometimes, if my numbers are a bit off, my GP checks in with me by phone - just to make sure I'm feeling OK.


This may or may not ease your mind. I've had two types of calls similar to yours, one which is like yours and had to make telephone appointment, the other when the GPs actually called me re blood test. I've now taken it that if Gp phones direct its urgent and if reception calls it just means there's a glitch somewhere but not urgent, hope this is the same for you. Take care xx


If you have easy contact and a good relationship with your rheumy nurse I would go down that path as if the results are altered because of your medication it should be the rheumy team's decision regarding your drugs (if RD drugs are all you take). Sometimes GP's can overly cautious whereas the rheumy team can be a bit blasé. Mine are able to access blood results (have your hospital number with you when you ring). Farm


Last time GP surgery called about my blood tests, it was to tell me I had low haemoglobin (anaemia) and it wasn't urgent but to come in and discuss. If it was urgent they would have said and advised re stopping medication, or see GP immediately, etc.. So please be reassured that it is probably not urgent or life threatening.

However, when you do get to speak to your GP please 'tell him off' for scaring you and get agreement from him what his receptionist should say to you to convey urgency or non-urgency, etc.

The previous suggestions about ringing and asking what test result in particular so that you have an idea, may help to reassure you.


It's all to the good ..... the good thing about all this monitoring is that we get early warning signs of anything that needs attention. My ALT went up, up, up but it was never an emergency. Unfortunately I had to stop Mtx in the end, but gradually my ALT is returning to normal.


Thank you all for your replies, it has helped to put my mind at rest, I will try GP surgery tomorrow but if no luck I will call my Rheumy nurse and ask if there is anything to be concerned about.


Good luck getting through that iron doors!! :)


Ring the rheumy nurse and get some peace of mind.


Thank you again to everyone who sent me a message.

Just a quick update, I called the Rheumatology helpline at local hospital this morning and left them a message regarding call from surgery, a lovely nurse called me this afternoon and explained everything apparently one of my liver function results is raised, I am going to have another blood test tomorrow and they will get registrar to look at results on Friday morning. She said that looking back on my previous blood test results my liver function has fluctuated before and gone back to normal, but reassured me that they would try and find out why and that it is nothing to be overly concerned about.


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