Hula hooping bruises for Tillie

Hula hooping bruises for Tillie

Hi Tillie20

Didn't want to really post this online for all to see,but I couldn't figure out a way of adding a pic to a message. These are the bruises I had after about 3/4 hooping lessons(once weekly) it doesn't always affect everyone the same,but I just thought I'd show you the sort that I ended up with,and that it does reduce as you get better at it - the technique part that Katie6221 said is so true,it really will make all the difference.

Anyway,don't want to scare you,but just thought I'd show you what can be classed as normal as far as our class were concerned - maybe it's different if you're not using weighted hoops? I'm not sure anyway,I hope you keep it up and soon you'll be moving all over the place while still hula'ing😊

Good luck

Nicki x

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  • Hi Nicki!

    I'm glad to hear the technique worked for you!

    I'm also very sorry to hear about your bruises! Those are some of the more intense that I've seen. If I'm absolutely honest, I frequently bruised after my more intense hooping sessions. Especially with my weighted hoop, just as you guessed. More often than not the bruises were on the outsides of my firearm and thigh. This is also sometimes made worse by RA. Some DMARDs and other medicines cause more intense bruising some, so that could also be a factor.

    I did have one very very light hoop that never left bruises, but it was also very difficult to use, as the weight makes it easier to spin. After some practice, one of these lighter hoops might be better for you to try out! (I'll let you know when I remember the name of the lighter one 😊)

    Good luck with your hooping!


  • Hi Katie6221

    This was years ago befor I was ill,and when I was very the hoop was quite weighted - I couldn't even dream of attempting that at the min as my left arch has completely collapsed,so standing up at the best of times is hard enough,without trying to hula too 😔

    I do miss it though,as it was great fun,but as I said,my hoop(less weight than the class ones luckily) is still sitting in the back room waiting for as soon as I get my orthotics sorted - I'm hoping between that and taking the pup out as she gets older will help with my stability and core strength,then fingers crossed I can maybe try and get back into some of the other exercises that I used to do - I hate being so sedate,but as it's only for a couple of years while things settle,I can just about handle it without going too insane😝

    Have fun with yours


  • Hi nicki

    Thank you for the photo I know about the bruises as I have them and a sore tummy so have given hula hooping a rest for a couple of days but will keep trying a few minutes at a time hoping I get better at it without bruises if to bad I will stop would just like to lose a bit on the stomach while I can X

  • Curious to know about hoopla hoop please x

  • Hi Jane I am no expert I just hoola hoop for 10 mins a day while watching tv I do not know if it is good for you or not what I have read on the internet says it is good for you but they do it for longer than I do and do a lot of tricks but I feel it does me good and keeps me fit you do get bruised when you start but if you can have a go but I must say I am very lucky that I can keep active x

  • Oh well done you lol i wondered if it's something I should be doing lol i have trouble standing to balance at times so I thought well how on earth do I hoopla hoop lol x

  • Hi Tillie20

    It is an art form of sorts - I used to do hour classes a few years back before I was diagnosed,and extremely fit. As with Janesidney I too have balancing issues at the min,so I darent even give it a go,but I still have my hoop in the back room waiting for when I am a bit more stable - once you get the hang of it it is a great way to get a stronger core,and that in itself should help our balance issues. The best thing to do would be to start with a very light weighted hoop,that way it has some extra benefit to help you keep hooping for longer periods,but not enough to cause too many bruises hopefully 😊

    Good luck,and keep me posted with how you get on pls.

    Kindest regard

    Nicki x

  • Yeeks, that looks painful? Hula hooping did this to you? Maybe hula hooping is different where I live.

  • I just googled weighted hula hooping as part of an excerise routine. I had never heard of this before....maybe my age? lol I just remeber loving the hoop as a child :)

  • Hi suzannedale

    This was a fad a few years back,not being able to go to the gym in the past three years means I'm not sure that it still is,but my hoop was half the weight of some of the ones being used - generally the heavier the hoop the easier to control,or so I was told😝 Either way,it's a long distant memory now,as I'm unfit for walking,let alone trying to stay upright while rocking back and forth to keep the hoop up nowadays 😂

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