I did it!!!

I did it!!!

Thanks to all your encouragement and good ideas I managed to give myself my MTX injection today without too much hysteria, and without the nurse giving up waiting. So thank you!

I do get quite jumpy about needles as I had bad experiences as a child. I got TB as a small child and my parents decided that they didn't want to send me away to a sanitorium but wanted to keep me at home. Anyway that meant a nurse came round every day to give me an injection, my memory says this was for a year but who knows it just seemed endless. This was a different era with no child friendly nursing in those days, so she would just grab me and hold me down kicking and screaming and jab me, and then because both my parents worked I'd be stuck in bed with a radio for company. I remember I always used to try to escape and run away before the nurse came, but would always get caught and usually walloped by her for taking up more of her time. Anyway, needles and me are not good friends...

But all that is now in the past!


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  • Polly, i told you it was only a prick!! Childhood then was a lot different to we were children wasn't it. These days they are so pampered and they have it so easy don't they.

    I am pleased you done it on your own,well done you.xxx

  • well done not so bad was it famous last words dont know how ill cope if I have to do it to myself even though ive given thousands to others its not the same when its you . will find out if that day comes.

    well done again cris xx

  • Well done! Your feelings about needles are very understandable so what a triumph! xx

  • Well done to you. Bulls eye.

    No joke those nurses of "old times" :-)


  • Well done you!

    The first one is always the worst - even after 18months of injecting I still tell myself 'well done' - Take care and feel proud of yourself!!

    Pen x :)

  • yehhhh well done!!! :) oh my gosh, I don't think I could ever manage that! x

  • Well done

    Mary x

  • Well done. Xx

  • Super! Me too!! I injected for 8 years , had a three year break and started back on it today although I inject my humira too. You will be doing it with ease in no time. Doing it the first time is a thought isn't it? Be really proud of yourself, a wee step on the way to making us both feel better..... here is hoping! xx

  • Well done. I had traumatic spell in hospital as achild and became adducted to radio 4. It was home service then... Dates it doesnt it

    Keep up the injecting its good to lay old demons to rest!

  • Thank goodness for that, you have taken the trauma out of it for me, Well done bet it was simple after all. I had to be held down by nurses just to take blood as a child with anemia, and now I instruct Nurses where to stab me if they want blood.! Thanks for your blog though as now I won't feel so silly when I;m squeamish. Lets hope you notice a difference on the stomach.

  • Excellent news Polly. Hopefully all your MTX side effects will reduce now that you are not popping the pills! Who is the dog bearing all, my dog Floss does exactly the same thing when she wants attention-such a floosy.

    Wendy x

  • That's Gloria the enormous puppy again, trying to appease after having eaten a shoe...

  • Well done hun

    :) x

  • Hey that's great Polly - I knew you could do it. I've only done it myself (with no onlooker nurse) 3 times now but each time I get a bit more confident. I think it's quite a thought still though and feel like an RA Warrior each time I've achieved it somehow!

    At one of the may security stops on my journey, this time at terminal 5 Heathrow on Thursday evening, the rather fraught security man (fraught because there were several of us who were about to miss our connecting flights who were hopping about in a state of anxiety when they decided to manually check our bags) told me he takes MTX by injection too. Maybe that's why he finally decided to adopt us as his cause of the moment, radio through to the waiting plane and rush us to the next flippin' security check extra fast!? Tilda x

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