Hi all, was just wondering if I could ask if anyone gets unexplained bruises ? Over the last few weeks I've noticed that I am getting bruises appear, last night when I'd got home from work I had a really sore point on my knee, within 20 minutes a really tender red bruise had appeared, this morning it looks like a dirty brown stain on my knee ! Have just noticed that I have one on my left foot at the base of my toes that is also tender, looked at some papers/leaflets I was given and it says something about low platelet count ! I'm pretty much new to all this so not sure if I should ring my Dr in the morning x

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  • Not urgent. When is your next blood test due? - they look for platelets routinely usually. Are you on steroids as well? Steroids cause the small blood vessels to be more fragile so that you bruise easily.

  • Thanks for replying, all I take is codeine for my pain at the moment, I'm not sure when I'm seeing my Rheumatologist again, thought he'd said November but I haven't had a letter yet, I do need to see him though as I've also had a small lump appear on one of my knuckles x

  • If you have a rheumy nurse can you email her?

    I don't know how old you are, but I am 70+ & I & friends of similar age all seem to bruise more easily these days.

    Don't worry to much......this wretched disease presents some really bizarre symptoms...but do check it out!

  • I have been on methotrexate and then lefflunamude and both left me with bruises on arms, legs and feet. Was taken off and now on sulfadalazine. I still have pain and swelling in hands and ankles. Seems the way forward is biologically.

  • I bruise very easily especially on the fore arms ,even the slightest scratch causes profuse bleeding as well. I mentioned it to my gp but it was amongst a list other problems so he just skipped over it, in saying that I've got to go for more blood tests so he may be looking for a reason for it.

    Regards Mike

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