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Dexa update

Hi everyone. I've had my results back. Hip okay but lower spine thinning, so I'm seeing my gp on 8th March to discuss alendronic acid. I've made an appt at my dentist to make sure my teeth, gums and jaw are all okay as I've read some horror stories about aa.

I've also been reassessed by the rheumy dept with a view of trying etanercept, but I only scored 4.66, not the 5.1 minimum. Having said that the nurse thought my rheumy may put me on it as the score should take into account the 10mg of prednisolone I'm on daily. If not I'll have to reduce it and then be reassessed (I have mega problems reducing - dreadful flares, the shakes etc) but if it means eventually getting a drug that really works then that's fine by me


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It would be good if you can eventually stop taking Pred, as it can cause the bone thinning. Pop over to the Bone Health community and read posts by Heron, who has some good diet advice for Osteoporosis. All the best. xx

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I know, I've been taking pred for three years and have been trying to reduce for two. I can't seem to get below 10mg without having prolonged flares. Now having being diagnosed with lower spine osteopenia I know the sooner I can get off of them completely the better. I've tried sulfasalazine, methotrexate but the side effects were awful, I'm currently on 20mg leflunomide which saw me drop from 15mg to 10mg, but the add-on of hydroxychloroquine had to be abandoned after two/three weeks, again because of the side effects.

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