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Feeling Cold...Update

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I had an appointment with a GP today. He has ordered blood tests for an underactive thyroid.

Tests booked for tomorrow, results next week.

Let's hope.

Sitting here shivering.


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Hi Jacqui, should also do B12, ferritin levels and Vit D as well if not already done. Good luck and keep warm. Hugs G X.

I failed my vitamin d test, so on extra in addition to ad-cal.

What about the other 2, low iron levels can also make you feel cold. Hope you get some answers. X

Don't forget the K2😊

Interesting recent reaserch tell us that over36% of RA sufferers have a dysfunctional thyroid and doctors are encouraged to check thyroids on RA diagnosed patients since it has also been shown that those with dysfunctional thyroid have less bennefits of the RA meds.

I hope the doc is checking T3 and T4 these are the really important results to look at, not always checked.

I too suffer with feeling really cold especially my hands & feet I sit with my duvet over me. I've had 2 thyroid tests but both have come back clear. I'd be interested to see what explanation you get as my go says there's nothing wrong. I'm also struggling to loose weight. I've tried everything!

My thyroid went down over 30 years ago. Happily its easy to treat and make sure when they do an RA blood test the doctor also adds in the T3 and T4 test as it saves the pain of more blood tests than are really needed. The eyebrows do return if the thyroid is going down and your treated. And weight comes off too as well as the dry skin does cease. So hopefully you'll feel a lot better very soon. x

I've had an under active thyroid for the last 20 years

I put on a lot of weight felt very cold and sleeping quite a lot of the time

Gosh - I have the opposite problem. I'm always hot. Everyone comments on my hot hands and my red cheeks!

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MaryTH in reply to oldtimer

I am the same Oldtimer. I have not had a duvet on my bed all winter. x

And me! Luckily I have a fire escape door in my office so I can escape and stand outside in the cold to cool off. I spend half the night kicking the duvet off. My RA diagnosis five years ago coincided with onset of perimenopause. No idea whether meds are partly to blame.

Well tomorrow will be my second blood test this week. And I think that I failed MTX one bone ESR, CCP, and liver. I will find out for definite tomorrow. The Dr I saw today, wouldn't look or discuss it as he isn't my lead GP.

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