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Feeling cold all the time

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Hello everyone, I feel cold all the time and struggle to get and stay warm.

I wonder if anyone else feels like this.

Thank you and best wishes to you all.

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It's a purely idiopathic reaction but when I'm heading for a flare I go dead cold and have to snuggle under a heated throw. It may not be the same for you but if you've been really active or forgotten to have a meal that could also be the reason. Wishing you well

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Goldsky in reply to Gnarli

Thank you Gnarli, it is just a nuisance. Hope we will soon have some warmer weather, that will help.

I’m the opposite Goldsky I’m boiling all the time 🙄

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Goldsky in reply to J1707

It’s really strange isn’t it. Best wishes.

I’m always cold , people come in my house and always say it’s really hot in here , I just say yep I’m freezing , I have electric blanket on my bed , put it on 30mins before I get in it lol , so yep always 🥶

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Goldsky in reply to essexgirl

It’s a pain isn’t it. My poor husband is always hot. Take care essexgirl.

Yes always freezing too, super annoying when everyone else in the house is warm.

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Goldsky in reply to Pinkypie2018

It is annoying Pinkypie. Best wishes to you.

At the peak of my RA, I was always cold too. I am from a tropical country, all of us in the aircon room but I had to use blanket to cover myself and I slept on an electrical blanket too. However, once RA was under control, I felt normal again.

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Goldsky in reply to Amy_Lee

Thank you for that Amy. I feel my RA is quite well controlled but like you am always covered in a blanket or two and have to wear loads of layers and that’s indoors. Take care.

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Amy_Lee in reply to Goldsky

My experience was different here, I have been back to normal when my RA was under control. May be you have something else? I am not in the position to share then.

Have you had your thyroid levels checked? I have Hypothyroidism and before medication felt cold even in summer. I hope you find a solution and get that warm feeling.

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Goldsky in reply to stbernhard

Thank you stbernhard. Other people on the forum have said I should get my thyroid levels checked, I will. Best wishes.

I’m always cold. It’s so annoying. I’ve been meeting family & friends outdoors for food/coffee & I absolutely freeze. Once cold I just can’t get warm again. Hot water bottles electric throw & coal 🔥 are the love of my life!!

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Goldsky in reply to Caza

Yes Caza, I am just the same. We are waiting until we can go out and eat indoors. I would definitely freeze to death outside at the moment. People have said I should get my thyroid levels checked, so I will. Take care and thank you for replying.

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Caza in reply to Goldsky

I’ve had mine checked. All fine so not that with me.

I get very cold every afternoon if I am sitting no matter if I've been active all morning !

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Goldsky in reply to vonniesims

Yes me too vonnie. I often have a little nap after lunch but I have to be really wrapped up in blankets. Take care

When I was still struggling to get my RA under control I was always cold. I’m much better now, but when I’ve been out in cold weather it takes me ages to warm up again and thaw out. I I usually end up going to bed for an hour to warm through.

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Goldsky in reply to CagneysMum

Horrible isn’t it CagneysMum, mind you the weather we have been having doesn’t help either does it. I never feel as if I have enough layers on. Will get my thyroid levels checked, others have said it could be that. Best wishes.

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CagneysMum in reply to Goldsky

Good luck and take care x

It's horrible isn't it, I get this all the time, I thought my RA was under control but now I'm wondering. I just had to snuggle on the sofa with loads of throws over me. Have you spoken to the nurse or consultant? Hope you get it sorted. X

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Goldsky in reply to Stowe

I feel as if my RA is under control really but this feeling freezing cold persists Stowe. Others have said I should have my thyroid levels checked so I will. Best wishes.

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Stowe in reply to Goldsky

That's not a bad idea to have your thyroid che ked as well. Good luck x

I agree with the other posts here. For me if my RD is not in control with the medication I am taking or have a flare, I feel freezing right through to the bone. As it gets under control I begin to feel warmer until when it is under control I feel very warm. When outdoors if I get very cold it will take age for me to warm up again. Take Care.

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Goldsky in reply to Recorder500L

My conditions are fairly well controlled with the meds I am on Recorder, but I still am freezing all the time. Cold, wet days like this don’t help either do they. Oh well could be a lot worse, I know that. Best wishes.

I think I’m more lizard than human some days! I bought a snake water bottle from Amazon two feet long and bendy so it goes around neck/back/shoulders and warms me up. Went to visit my sister pre covid she and my brother in law plus husband in tee shirts and shorts. I had two jumpers heavy trousers socks and cardigan! They just laugh and sit me by the radiator now 🌺

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Goldsky in reply to Green230461

Yes Green, that is exactly how I feel. This cold, wet weather doesn’t help either does it. Best wishes to you.

I usually have socks on my feet around the house and I have a soft flexible heating pad over the back of my chair that I turn on while sitting either placed across my shoulders or on my lap. It turns off automatically in case I fall asleep. Those are my only two tricks. I also have a hard time washing my hands in cold water. Trying to always take my thyroid meds at the same time everyday also may help. I wish you the best. It’s awful feeling cold all the time.

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Goldsky in reply to BonnieG123

I think I need to get my thyroid levels checked Bonnie. My mum has given me a heated over blanket which is fab. Take care and thank you Bonnie.

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BonnieG123 in reply to Goldsky

Thyroid and RA seem to go hand in hand. Yes, get it checked. Best wishes.

I'm always cold all the time. I have really low blood pressure too. I've had my bloods checked for thyroid issues etc. Nothing found. I'm that cold I've warn a coat in Tenerife!

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Goldsky in reply to Angjoplin

Oh poor you. I have high blood pressure so it’s not due to that either. Perhaps just one of those things.Best wishes Angjoplin

When I was in remission last year I felt much warmer. Now my RA is active again, I’m feeling the cold. I’d not connected the two things before.

No I hadn’t either Blueskysunshine. Perhaps my RA is active again or my thyroid levels are low. Anyway, very best wishes to you.

And best wishes to you to Goldsky - thank goodness it’s warmer today.

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