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Update on my rantings of bad dental work and RA.

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Well, it's been 3 days post molar #37 extraction and my swelling and pain has gone down quite a bit...But I still have RA. sigh...I had so much hope that I was one of the "lucky ones" who was misdiagnosed. :(

As you might remember, I had 2 root canals with crowns done on molars #37, #26 and 2 crowns put on molar #17 less than a month before my RA reared its ugly head. My oral surgeon was disgusted at the crappy work my dentist did and he has sent a report to my GP.

I should of got my bus driver to preform my dental work.....as I will have to have a gum graft on #17 and a bone graft on # 37 in the spring all because of my dentists negligence.

On tuesday I will be seeing my endodontist for molar #26. He has to "undo" the crapy root canal and attempt to "redo" it. He may have to extract it. Apparently my dentist "forgot" to fill a canal and it has been rotting in my head.... I am speachless and I will be taking all my reports to a lawyer.

I have learned a horrible lesson.... when your dentist says you need a root canal please ask for a referral to an endodontist. Just because your dentist bought the tools to preform a root canal does not mean she iknows how to use them.... I mean I own a hammer, but I do not have the credentials to renovate your house!!!

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Ali_H profile image

Hey don't give up hope re the RA cos you've yet to get all the crap and inflammation out of your system from the past criminal dentistry- keep doing all the right things re diet and exercise and just maybe your nightmare will be over sometime soon.

Good luck and all the best


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Oh thankyou for your kind words. Do you think I should still hold out hope?

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WOW i hope your able to sue the arse of the dentist who did such shoddy work darling and i also hope you recover from al the work you have had to have and to have in the future.xxxxx

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Oh I feel for you so much. Any procedure is an ordeal but dental procedures are the worst. It is really 'in your face' and makes you feel so vulnerable. Please be strong but be angry too! You must pursue this malpractice and sue. I think its much too early to say your RA is permanent and it will take a while for your body to adjust. Keep optimistic about that.


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Yes, it really is "in your face" . I'm able to wait until April or May to book the 2 grafts. I need to heal from 3 major dental procedures that have been done within a 4 week period. So 2 major dental procedures down and one more to go!!

My oral surgeon was stunned at how I was able to tolerate the pain of all this dental work. Don't get me wrong, it hurts like hell, but I've been suffering the pain of RA for 4 years....we all know how RA feels.

Thankyou Cathy for your support.

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That is just awful Suzanne xx

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I think it wise to never give up hope ! Take it day by day, get the treatment finished and see where you are .

Other than that, be kind to yourself , build and save your energy for suing the ass off that incompetent dentist!

I'm going to keep Hoping for You too! Best of luck.


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I'm saying nowt 😉

in reply to dtech

lol.... I've never had the need to know, or the urge to know the tooth numbering system. I've even discovered that Canada's tooth numbering system is different than the UK's and the USA's.

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Oh that is so terrible, so sorry that you are having to go through that. I hope the so called dentist will be footing all your bills. I hope it gets resolved and that you don;t have more issues from it all.

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Hope? Oh Yes hold out and keep ticking forward because the improved dental situation has got to benefit you one way or another even if RA does prove to be present in the end (finger crossed that it has the sense to bog off once the dental inflammation has subsided!).

All the best


AgedCrone profile image

Come on Suzanne.....three days? If you remember it took seven days to create the world ( or so I've heard) so you haven't even had time to have the southern hemisphere to be created yet!

Patience my lovely......

It's really appalling the way your original dentist has caused you all this distress & she should either be sent back to dental school or preferably struck off so that she can't cause this sort of suffering to anyone else. I am glad you intend to pursue an action against her...even if only to pay for all the very painful remedial work you are having to undergo.

How about giving it a bit longer before you give up on getting remission from the RA.......I know you had such high hopes...but I was thinking it might take a month or two for you to got some relief......but as I have no experience of this before it was just a thought.

Maybe in a week or two you may start feeling better in yourself as all the effects of the infections from your teeth leave your system ....do hope so.

Have you asked your Rheumy how long it might take to get some sign of a remission if the dental condition accelerated your RA?

Hang on in there...hope it all comes good for you.


in reply to AgedCrone

Your reply made me smile Aged Crone. Yes it did take 7 days to create the earth, I've been told this too since childhood and my mother would never lie to me)

It's 3:12am in Western Canada now and I can't sleep. I think I feel the swellings going down on my hands and knees but I fear it's the lack of sleep that makes me believe this.

It's a Provincial long weekend (holiday) here and I can't get ahold of my rheumy. I have sooo much to ask him...Never have I complained about a long weekend before...just my luck, I need to phone my doctor and all offices are closed.

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AgedCrone in reply to

Well I'm just off to them there old Canary Islands to lounge in the sun & diligently exercise my arm! But not in the UNHEATED pool at the apartment !

Looking forward to lots of delicious fresh fish & Spanish wine

I will TRY to send a view of the island if I can find the instructions how to upload pics.

Really, really hope the swelling is going down!!!


in reply to AgedCrone

Oh I love Spanish wine!! Please have a drink for me :)

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Oh bless your sweet heart! What a rotten lousy time you're having of it. Try to be patient, heal and be lovely to yourself. Save the rage for that butcher posing as a Dentist.

Huge gentle hugs coming at you


in reply to Gnarli

Thanks for the hugs Jan. I am unable to sleep, it's 3:20am here and I am a bundle of nerves.

Gigi71 profile image

Dear Sue. So glad you are finely getting this mess dealt with. You have had and still have much to go through, pleased to hear you have found the strength to know you are going to pursue this further and not let her off lightly, after all the pain and suffering she has inflicted on you. Fingers crossed for you, you are a strong lady. Hugs G X

in reply to Gigi71

Thankyou Gigi71. I have to report this dentist whether my RA disappears or not. She is well known in my area and no other person should suffer. She chose to practice dentistry like

Dr. Josef Mengele and she must be stopped!!

KSee profile image

I have no words to express how I feel for you. Big hugs to you 🤗🤗 😘😘

I think you need to be patient.. I didn't think it was the total cause for all of my RA symptoms - Those way preceded my broken tooth and bad root canal, but I do feel a little better without all of the toxins dumping into my system 24 x 7. And I think it is too early maybe to know for sure what the effect will eventually be.. Glad you are almost done!

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I think you should have got an opinion from an ENT specialist. In my experience, a lot of dentists are crooked and do unnecessary work and have you coming back all the time. I have lost a few teeth on account of shoddy work and inadequate cleaning. Dentists always seem to be like hairdressers and complain about the previous person's work. They nearly all do it. I think you should have got an independent report from another person who could be an expert witness. It is going to be very hard trying to convince a court or anybody else that your new dentist is entirely honest when s/he has had a vested interest.

Is there a dental regulatory body in Canada that you can complain to? Unfortunately, there is no regulation in the UK.

in reply to DelicateInput

Yes, each province has a dental regulatory board. BC's is located in Vancouver, just a 40 minute drive from me.

I'm 50 years old and only had 2 dentists my entire life. I had to find a new dentist in 2001 because the wonderful dentist that I had been seeing since my early childhood passed away. :(

Whenever I get my haircut I always leave a tip, even if i don't like the haircut. Hair grows back, no harm no foul.

Over the past 1 or 2 years, I have been shocked at the advertising of dentristy and Botox facelifts on the TV in the more expensive neighbourhoods in and around the city of Vancouver. This was never heard of or allowed before. How absurd!

There are many good dentists here and they must be shaking their heads . How dare shoddy "so called" dentists offer to clip your toenails while whittening your teeth.

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Ewwwwww - toenails and teeth???? Does he wash his hands first?

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