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Looks like my RA is slowly disappearing after fixing botched dental work.

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I like to thank you all for all your vast knowledge and support over the last few years. I would have been lost without you. I am also greatful for this NRAS site for welcoming,me, a Canadian, to join your site.

I in no way believe, or demand that I know the cure for RA. No one does yet, the answers are better left with the doctors and scientist of the world. This is my story and I want to share it with you. I hope you all are painfree and soon to be in remission.

Well it's been 16 days since my failed root canal extraction and my RA symptoms have decreased by 50% . It's been 8 days since an endodontist redid another root canal and my RA symptoms have decreased by another 25%.

I have stopped .8 ml of weekly mtx and 400mg hydroxy and I feel almost normal. I still am taking 2000mg sulfa daily because sulfasalazine is an antibiotic.

On Feb 28th my endodontist is examining a 3rd undocumented root canal that my dentist did about 10 years ago. My endodontist has written a scathing letter to my dentist on her incompetence. Once I get this "undocumented" root canal redone I go searching for a lawyer to sue for malpractice. Onwards and Upwards.

Peace and love to you wonderful people


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Fantastic news!so so pleased for you xx mwah x

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I am so happy to hear that you are on the mend sue. You did maintain the belief that there was a link between your dental surgery and the onset of your condition! I genuinely wish you all the very best in the continuance of your good health and in terms of your law suite - I hope you sue the pants off them!


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It's so strange Eiram50 that I did maintain a belief about the link between dental surgery and my RA. I am not the type of person who believes theories that have not been proven by scientists....It is even stranger that this seems to have caused my RA.

I do believe dental work is important in maintaining good health if performed by a competent dentist. I shrudder to think about the thousands of people walking around my city of Vancouver with inflamatory arthritis all because they had root canals done by this well known dentist. My husband is also a victim of this dentist.

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Bloody frightening, really. So glad you're on the road to recovery x

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I have also had root canals done here in Canada and they cost a fortune. One had to be done a second time as I still had a lot of pain in that tooth. I have suffered with RA for over 30yrs.My Rheumatologist is still trying to sort out my meds. Some have worked great for awhile then seem to stop. Thankfully I have a great Rheumy. Keep well and hope we have a good summer.


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Hi Sue. So pleased to hear your RA is improving so quickly after your remedial dental work. As Marie says, you were convinced of the connection. It sounds like you will now have the energy to sue this dangerous woman, posing as a dentist. Power to your elbow, and best wishes for a brighter future. Hugs G X

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Woopidoo! That's a result.

I do hate to rain on your parade, but it could be that the RA hasn't entirely disappeared and is still lurking. Once triggered it is a tenacious beast so down chuck all your drugs in the bin just yet. I hope with all fingers crossed that in 3 months time it'll be 100% gone, and you can stick your tongue out at me. Some people do manage to stay in drug free remission so let's hope that's you.

Don't vanish completely but let us know how you are from time to time. I always wonder about the people who just stop contributing to the forum and hope they are so brilliantly ok that RA is a forgotten word. But it would be nice to know!

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Hello Helix, You have echoed what my rheumy has said to me.,

"One day at a time Suzanne. Hold on to your drugs just incase.."

I still have 1 more root canal to redo. My endodontist didn't want to do it until my mouth was healed from the other dental work. So he is examining the tooth on the 28th and then we will book an appointment to redo it in March. I can't wait.

Yes, I think it is a good idea for me to hang around on this site. I don't want anyone thinking dental work causes RA. My endodontist says if a root canal is not done properly, it can wreak havoc on your immune system. It can also cause a heart attack..Scary eh?

Once I get this last tooth sorted out, I will contact a lawyer and the BC Dental Association. Once the BC Dental Association is notified, then what I am claiming is published for all to see. And I will post the link about it.

Thank you for all your advice HelixHelix. I wish I could find the right words that could explain how much your words of wisdom have helped me through some of my darkest days of RA.



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Glad I've helped, and really truly hope that this is a new pain free chapter for you. When I first got to a state of remission I went a bit do-lally and put myself back months by throwing all my good advice about sensible lifestyle out of the window. So yes, one day and one step at a time - keep the marathons until next year.

And as for teeth, tell me about it....my cardiologist is very insistent on good dental hygiene and threatens evil things will happen if I forget. As was my mother (a dentist) who was sure most of the world's ills could be righted with good dental work and a proper toothbrush.

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I sometimes look back at my childhood and shake my head at how stubborn I was. As a child, I hated brushing my teeth, and now I'm paying for it. My parents were forever dragging me upstairs to brush my teeth. I kicked and screamed all the way... tisk, tisk what a fool I was.

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I've been at the beginning of remission 2 times. The last time was with mtx in September. Then in January my joints started to swell again and I could hardly move. The pain returned and my lips started to turn a dusky grey. By the time I went to the ER my lips went back to normal. Very scary.

Since the dental work, my lips are pink and my swelling is almost gone. The dental bactaria is no longer in my blood system or It could very well be that mtx is still in my body.

My rheumy says that if I still have RA in a few months, then it will be easily controlled. Either way, I will survive and carry on. I will also keep in touch whatever the outcome. :)

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best of health Suzanne - do keep posting please you too have been a mine of info xx

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GranAmie in reply to helixhelix

Bonjour 2H... I too appreciate your informed postingsand hope life in France is agreeing with you xx

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Luck x

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Brilliant news on your feeling so much better! I'm thrilled for you and long may it continue. I'm wishing you all the very best in suing that butcher and let's hope she never ruins anyone else's teeth or life ever again. Huge hugs


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I am so pleased to hear you are feeling better and the dental work has made such a difference to your life. I am a big believer that our teeth, the water we drink, and the food we put in our mouth is a big reason why so many people are getting sick these days.

I travel an hour on a good day to see my dentist. He was the only dentist I could find ha ha. Good luck with everything.

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Glad you are feeling better.😊

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:) My hubby and I went for a walk along the New Westminster Boardwalk yesterday. I had to stop walking after 20 minutes and sit down. I was so happy that I needed to sit down because of my aching sore muscles and not my joints!! I can always build up my leg muscles.

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Really good news and long may it continue!! My friend and myself were only talking about a possible link to our auto-immune conditions and dental work today.

Keep us updated 😊

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I believe the reason why scientists are NOT able to commit to the dental/arthritis connection is because everyone assumes the dental profession Never make mistakes. I mean who would have ever thought a dentist would not clean a canal properly?

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Course the dental profession never make mistakes. Perish the thought and wash your mouth out! 😂😂😂😂😂

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What a result Suzanne.......I am so pleased you went down the right road at lastI hope you are telling everyone who uses "that dentist" how incompetent she is!

You can now look forward to your trip to the sun !

I'm just waiting for the sun to come up here in Tenerife to go for my morning wander!


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I am a gentle friendly person by nature, but I'm so angry that this woman makes me want to become violent. I am a law abiding citizen and the rage I feel towards her scares me. I will let a malpractice lawyer speak for me. I feel drained and broken.

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I hope the medical authorities in Canada are stricter than here. As far as I can see medical negligence only starts here when someone, dies & even then it takes years & money to get into court.

A lot of the doctors I have seen recently I wouldn't allow to treat my dog...but they just plod on with no sanctions. Thank goodness we can access decent doctors privately as a last resort.

I wish a pain free healthy Spring...you must feel so relived that all the treatment you have suffered lately was all worth while!

AC xxx

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Sounds like Canada's medical authorities are simular to the UKs. Suing the medical communities here is difficult. You need to prove negligence and incompetence or intent to harm. My endodontist says my dental work was negligence and incompetant. I have spoken to a lawyer and we will agree to meet at the end of March, once this 3rd root canal is redone.

Sue xxoo

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WOW darlingi hope it continues for you. I would certainly sue your dentist. Please keep us informed of your progress darling.xxxx

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so glad 4u xx

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That has really brightened my day! You deserve some good luck after all you have gone through. May it last and you live a long and healthy life! X

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Thankyou Cathy777. I just feel so victimized. I feel so broken.

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I understand completely. I had a doctor perform a cosmetic breast operation on me some years back and it was all covered up by the hospital. This doctor literally 'disappeared' after promising me he would correct his terrible surgery. I had another doctor try and sort it out. So I felt very angry and victimised then. I didn't pursue it as I didn't have the emotional strength but how I wish I had! I have implants and sometimes wonder if these have caused my RA. Don't give up! That's what they want you to do! Great you feeling much better!

in reply to Cathy777

OMG Cathy777 how horrible!! I'm so sorry to hear this after all you suffered with breast cancer.

I do understand not having the emotional strength to sue a doctor. It's so draining both financially and emotionally.

This is not the 1st time I've been tortured by the medical profession. The way doctors & hospitals seal their documents that only a court order can open. Then they reseal it again. Court orders to unseal a document in Canada can cost thousands of dollars.

....But, I'm done with doctors getting away with harming people. I have access to money now and I will be able to go back to work to help pay court costs. I am still amazed that I believe in the medical profession. I have hope....but the bad doctors need to be weeded out, not protected.

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A slightly hesitant yay Sue. Well after all you saw MS off didn't you? Maybe the same will apply & truly hope this is the start of the end of RD too but cautiously suggest you don't chuck your other meds away just yet. Even if SSZ keeps the beast bubbling under that's a heck of an achievement!!

Do stay around, you're a valued member & aside from anything else it's nice chatting to you. x 😘

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Thanks nomoreheels. Yes, my MS just went away by itself. I did nothing to cure my MS. I'm just so baffled about my RD and dental work. I will let a lawyer and the dental association deal with my RD.

I am holding on to my hydroxy & mtx. My rheumy says,

"One day at a time Suzanne, don't throw the bathwater out with the baby"

It's been nice chatting with you too. Your advice has helped me more than you could ever know.

Sue xxoo

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nomoreheels in reply to

You knucklehead....it's don't throw the baby out with the bath water!! 😂😋

Must say I love the new profile pic, nice to see you to see you nice. (((x)))

in reply to nomoreheels

Bawhaha... :) I said it backwards lol

Jeez I am a knucklehead. :)

I just figured it out how to post that pic. I actually have dark brown curly hair, but the hydroxy turned it staight and blond. (OK OK I'm lying, I actually have grey/dark brown hair lol)

in reply to nomoreheels

Hey, post a pic of you Nomoreheels. Love to put a face to your posts.

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Cathy777 in reply to

Yes great to see your pic! I tried but couldn't put my pic up on this site for some reason. Maybe for the best.

in reply to Cathy777

Oh that's funny Cathy777. I don't know how I did it either. I tried to do a cover page, but got lost...lol

That is wonderful Sue! Best of luck with the other tooth, and "Sic Em, Girl"!

in reply to

"Sic Em. Like a pitt bull on a poodle" I have soo much anger and rage that it scares me. I am a gentle person by nature, but this dentist has put me over the edge. I'm going to let the malpractice lawyer deal with this.

Thanks for all your help.

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Wow, I feel bad for your botched dental work but happy your RA is getting better! I hope you continue to feel great and that you come out on top!!! Wishing you the best from another fellow Canadian!!!

in reply to NorthernMoose

Thankyou NorthernMoose, my fellow Canadian. I hope you never had dental work in the GVRD area, :)

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OMG! What a result! (quickly checks teeth for anything suspect - nope)

The future looks brighter than it did last week for you, I guess. So happy for you Suzanne. I do hope it will last for you and you get into recovery from it.

Just wow! I would certainly be going for the jugular of the dentist. Good luck with it.


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Thankyou Mickeyjoints. Once my malpractice lawyer submitts a letter to the BC Dental Association, then everything is open to the public. I then will be screaming from the roof tops about this dentist. Shame on her!!

Thanks for all your advice MJ. I wish you well

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MickeyJoints in reply to

And you too.

I don't want to see or hear from you on this forum again! Forums for ski-doos, abseiling, and hiking are where you belong now.

I do hope you get full, painless movement returned to you.

in reply to MickeyJoints

Thankyou MJ. I would love to join a gardening or boating forum :)

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Keep us posted about the RA. It is early days yet and RA does go in flares and quiet periods. I am very interested as I have a similar problem with two teeth and will certainly get them done if it means the RA will disappear. They will cost me several thousand pounds so you can understand I am a bit hesitant.

The law is different in the UK as here you would need an independent expert witness. Whatever your dentist said would not be accepted if the dentist was the one being paid for the work.

in reply to DelicateInput

I too have paid out of pocket about $1500 so far and that is after insurance paid the most.

As for a law suit in Canada, it is based on what in the normal proceedure of a root canal is. Dentists are supposed to remove all necrotic tissue in a canal of a tooth. The fact is my dentist did not clean and sterilize 2 of my teeth (so far, could be 3 teeth once other "undocumented" tooth is redon). She left some necrotic tissue in a canal and bacteria flourished.

My dentist also overfilled a canal causing excess gutta percha to bulge under my gums. She also opened and preformed a root canal on the wrong tooth. Then she tried to cover it up by not informing me or my dental insurance. That is fraud. So even if my RA is still around within the next few months, my dentist will be proven negligent. So says the lawyer that I have spoken to on the phone with. I will be meeting with this lawyer by the end of march.

If you sence that you too have problem root canals, I implore you that you get it checked out. The xrays said my root canals where fine, but the 3D xray and a cat scan said they weren't.

I felt a fast draining of fluid leave my joints after the extraction. I mean how many people feel Bloody Fantastic after a tooth is yanked from their skull? I was exhausted and in pain after the extraction, But I felt Fantastic!!

Dental work is important for good health, BUT I refuse to believe that I am the only person in this whole wide world who has had a bad dentist. Take care of yourself. If you think there is something wrong, go see an endodontist. You too may get back your life.

I wish you well


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DelicateInput in reply to

Thanks for the info.

I have two root canals which were not done correctly albeit it is felt here that root canals are difficult and competence is not required. One is on a front tooth that had an abscess, and the infection showed on a hosptial x-ray. The hospital said it either needed a root canal or extraction. I had the root canal done by the dentist who had referred me for a lump (suspected cancer) which turned out to be the abscess. I have had stabbing pain in it ever since the root canal was done which has been relieved recently by taking two antibiotics intended to cure a stomach bug. I am hopeful therefore that this has cleared up.

The other is a back tooth that also had an abscess and the crown on it has been done three times by three different dentists, none of whom could get the crown right.

Since having the root canal on the front tooth, I actually saw three dentists. The first one was European (German) and swore there was nothing wrong with my teeth, that they were wonderfully clean and that there was no evidence of gum disease. He said there was no infection which he understood to mean disease. Actually, his English was lacking. I saw him again because I had broken a tooth (eating a Florentine) and he said he would do a crown. He was unable to proceed with the crown prep because the anaesthetic did not work and he did not understand why.

I then went to a very expensive dentist. He took x-rays again on the front tooth which did not show any infection and said to leave it to see what happens. He had a special interest in anaesthetics and did a white filling on an entirely different tooth. He used a combination of anaesthetics which worked this time. It cost me £250 just for a filling and when he had almost finished he asked me if I wanted a crown because the white filling would break. The price he quoted was exorbitant.

I then saw a third dentist who attempted the crown. Again, the anaesthetic did not work and she did not know why. I had already told her that it did not work before but she assumed it was nervousness on my part. Quite how being anxious makes you suffer pain, I do not know. I got so fed up that I let her proceed with the crown without an anaesthetic. Again, she took x-rays but could find no infection on the front tooth with the root canal where I had stabbing pain.

I then went to Bratislava to see about getting dental implants. They did a scan and found infection in the front tooth and also in the back tooth with the crown that had been done three times. The reason the anaesthetic did not work is because the bacteria causing gum disease causes acidity in the mouth and stops an anesthetic working. They said they could do the implants but it would be difficult and I needed a sinus lift at the back plus bone restoration at the front, which would be hard. My bone level was 1 on a scale of 1 to 11. I would not entertain the amount of work they proposed doing at once = £9,000 for 7 implants (three on each side in the upper gum plus the front tooth). They found a lot of inflammation/gum disease across the upper gum.

However,I am considering doing the two teeth with infections. This would be three implants (as the crowned tooth covers two missing teeth) and with the sinus work would be about £5,000 plus I have to make several trips to Bratislava. If I could get the work done here for that cost, it would be easier.

If it transpires that your lousy dentistry has set off RA, I think I would pay any price. I have friends who go to Goa and Bratislava for extensive dental work. You can get excellent dentists here but it is finding them and they can be very expensive - if you have an excellent dentist from the outset and stay with them, you would not need a lot of work. It would have been cheaper to continue with them than have the cheaper ones I have seen since. The gum disease is particularly the fault of one - I was paying around £1,000/pa a long time ago for dental work but he never cleaned my teeth which is why I needed so much work. He was South African.

It is all quite a rigmarole.

Anyway, keep us all posted as I am really interested.

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DelicateInput in reply to DelicateInput

By the way, I used to have to get my teeth cleaned every three months and pay £60 per visit for two visits every three months. They still did not look clean or white and I could see tartar. I had them cleaned in Bratislava for about £60 in one session at the beginning of August. Everybody commented on how white and lovely they looked. It is now February and there is only a tiny bit of tartar starting to show and they still look white. Not cleaning teeth properly is something of a racket here because. It seems to me that if some of the tartar is left on the teeth, then the bacteria causing it continues to grow. I could be forgiven for saying that a lot of dentists over here are crooks and there is no regulation here over dentists yet doctors are heavily regulated.

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dtech in reply to DelicateInput

If dentists over here are not regulated, and I'm assuming you are in the UK? How do you explain the General dental councils work?

DelicateInput profile image
DelicateInput in reply to dtech

Pretty useless. Dentists get away with doing what they like.

I once had an injection to freeze my gum. It froze my eye so that it was jammed shut and the other eye jammed open. I had to go home wearing sunglasses. I rang them for advice, not to complain, and they said it was not their concern.

in reply to DelicateInput

The UK, and Canada, are 1st world countries. There are laws that protect us from harm. I believe you are being lied to by your many dentists. They need to be reported. No one should be walking around with dental infections while living in a 1st world country.

Root canals should not contain infections. It is the infection that has seeped into my blood system that made my immune system go out of wack. That is exactly what makes my dentist incompetent. Sounds like your dentist is too.

I wish you well.


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I'm so happy for you Sue😀😀😀

Our intuition is such a powerful thing and by listening to yours you've found your solution. Wonderful news!!! Onwards and upwards for you gal💪.xxxx

in reply to gwynedd

What bothers me the most is that I spent years complaining about these root canals not feeling right as they had a dull ache to them. All that was said to me was

"Well that is a normal feeling after a root canal. Everyone feels that they aren't normal" So I learned to "suck it up" and ignore the odd dull aches in my mouth. I didn't want to be a whinner.

Yes, Onwards & Upwards

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Omg - I'm so glad I don't like dentisits,and didn't see one for 20 years after leaving school - I know that will horrify most,but when I did get seen,all I had to have done was a clean and one filling..... phew.

They say it's usually trauma to the body through surgery of some sort that can start it off(I've often had people tell me that having 3 major back surgeries in 3years was the cause of mine) and I've never taken them seriously,maybe I should,mind you,it wouldn't change anything in my case,as my back is pretty sorted now,with just the odd soreness when I overdo things - I'm 'lucky' in that my diseaes only affects my feet, toes, heels, ankles, legs,knees,hands(esp fingers)wrists, elbows,neck (although my consultant disagrees with this for some reason?!🤔..... think that's everything covered?😝) and then my back only gets affected because I'm hobbling in pain or falling over because of my collapsed arch in my foot😂 Like I said,I consider myself one of the lucky ones,but that said,I've loved talking to you over time,and it's always good to hear and discuss others opinions /ailments, even if it's just to make me forget mine for a short while.

Please keep in touch and let us know how you get on,and I'm so,so over the moon that you're finally getting your life back on track - you go girl 😀

Nicki x

in reply to Nickijk73

Thankyou Nicki. I always swore up and down that extreme stress was my trigger for RA. I was gob smacked when a root canal tooth had to be extracted and my RA cleared up 50% . A redo root canal cleared up my RA another 25%. I can not wait to see if the 3rd root canal redo will completely put me in remission.

The pain in my mouth during and after the tooth being "yanked" from my skull made my joints feel soooo good. Who would of thought? Not my rheumy, he is going to thoroughly examine me on March 15th.

I in no way demand that I know the cure for RA. Dental care is extremely important for good health if your dentist is competent.

All the best to you

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Nickijk73 in reply to

Thanks - I'd be so interested to know how you get on,youll have to keep us posted all along the way from here in on,but yet again,I'm just grateful that at least one of us has almost a new start to their life,and I couldn't be happier for you x

in reply to Nickijk73

My rheumy keeps telling me "One step at a time Suzanne" and "Let us see how you are doing 6 months from now"

So I may be putting the cart before the horse...but I hope not.

In the long run, even if my RA doesn't go away, the botched dental work made it worse. The lawyer I spoke to says I have a case of malpractice. Dentists should not preform root canals if they don't know how....I should of got my bus driver to do my root canals, he might have done a better job.

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Hi there, did your symptoms ever return?

helixhelix profile image
helixhelix in reply to iAce

This post was by Suzannedale who had to change her user name. She's pretty fine now, new name is Cherub so,ething or other. I'll try to find her post

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