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Dental problems and RA

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I’m going to condense this down..

diagnosed 5 years ago 6 years ago had gum problems and problems with 2 teeth no decay no fillings only sensitivity on pressure . Nothing found , told sensitive teeth. 3 years ago RA activity increased so did gum problems still had the teeth sensitivity. Had to have root treatment on bottom part underneath one of these teeth and eventually a crown. Gum disease and RA ramped up. Mentioned the sensitive teeth to the hospital and 2 more dentists they could find nothing wrong. Saw the dentist today (2nd time I’ve seen this dentist a new one ) I mentioned my gum problems were worse near these two teeth. He said it were noticeably worse there. Did x rays and found I had decay in the root under the tooth but the tooth is fine and thinks this may be the problem on the other side . He going to do some deep investigation on the worst tooth first. This requires him and his nurse in special ppe all sealed in one .. fightening...

now my question. Do you think my increased disease activity is caused by my untreated dental problems? ....

What I have learned is I know my body better than I thought. I don’t blame the dentist it’s rare and hard to diagnose but maybe I should have been more insistent.

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Sent you a couple of links as dental and RA linked

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Thanks x

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I have also wondered about a link with RA and dental problems. I had to have root canal work last year for the first time and two teeth have had small pieces break off recently for no apparent reason. So I’ve had to visit my dentist and seen her in the full PPE gear with her own ventilator. But I felt very safe as extreme precautions to protect me and her were taken. And I’ve survived more than two weeks so that’s ok.Hope you can get your problem sorted soon. 🤞🏻

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My dentist thinks so and put me on fluoride mouthwashes

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I have had ongoing issues. I constantly get mouth ulcers. 18 months ago two major lesions which lead to perforation of the gum to the bone. I still have exposed bone and I have to use mouth washes all the time. Just doesn't heal. I was referred to the Maxillofacial unit and then Covid happened... Who knows what next

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I have the similar problems. Since I have been under a periodontist and seeing a hygienist 3 monthly for cleaning. Now the problems have largely been controlled.

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I also use Duraphat 2800 ppm Fluoride toothpaste which helps a lot with the sensitivity. It can be prescribed under NH S.

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I used to have nice teeth but since RA have sensitivity, teeth disintegrate, especially if previously filled. Abcesses occasionally too. I thought I was just getting old and that these things happen. I don't know but I have always looked after my teeth so was disappointed when I started having problems with them. My dentist just shrugged when I asked if there was a connection 🙄

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I really look after my teeth have always paid extra to have my teeth cleaned every 3 months. Any dentist/ hygienist have said my cleaning is immaculate. It’s all happening below the gum line. My dentist says there is a link with RA. RA can cause inflammation of the gums ( I’ve noticed this during flares) but I’m now wondering if it’s the dental problems causing RA???

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I’ve had severe juvenile onset arthritis since age 6 with high levels of inflammation leading to hip and knee replacements. I still have active disease. I’m now 37 but have never needed a filling or any dental work.

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it’s so complicated .. I’m s- negative wonder if that makes a difference 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️who knows

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It does make you wonder. It's like the chicken and the egg syndrome. Either way we are stuck with it. Oooer my brains hurting J. 😩

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Sorry 😂

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Yes it is a complex disease and can affect people in different ways.

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