I finally seen my orthepedic doc, my scan revealed rough edges of bone, and alot of inflamation, and wear and tear. He says he can shave the rough edges of the bone down, and take out the lining of the knee, but its not guaranteed to make things better... Its keyhole surgery, at the moment my knee is swelled up again with fluid. I feel id do anything to stop this happening. My meds dont seem to help... Doc says the recovery time 6 weeks, not being able to drive. It seems alot of time just for they say a minor op.. Anyone had the same???

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Yes, I had one knee sanded down & reshaped a few years ago. I had also problems with ligaments and cartilage so it seemed worth it to get everything done at once as i probably wouldn't have bothered to go through it all just for one thing. It certainly helped me, but the surgeon did warn me that probability was only about 50% and that it might not last for that long. It's been over 5 years and I don't regret it as it was good to get something fixed, unlike everything else that we're stuck with. I don't remember the recovery being that difficult - lots of exercises and 2 teeny, tiny scars. But it hasn't stopped that knee getting inflammed and full of fluid from time to time since. Polly


Ive just had my second shoulder done.they said 4 weeks recovery. Ur last time it was just 3.its been worth it for sure,a massive improvement and reduced swelling and say go for it.


I had my knee done to smooth it down & then went on to have it resurfaced. It did help the pain however 3 yrs later it does still hurt due to the inflammatory part of the arthritis.

The other knee is going the same way, I'm not keen to have anything done, I want to find out if the swelling & pain is due to the inflammatory arthritis or OA, then I will decide whether to have an arthroscopy or not.

Othopods are very keen to operate, what does your rheummy say?


Hia pauline thanks for your reply. My doc she seems to think it is the ra, but i have had knee probs for over ten years, orthd says my knee cap is bad with oa, and i have a tear of one of the ligaments, he says there is nothing better than the naked eye taking a look inside, although i have had alot of xrays and mri scan. My knees fill up with fluid every 2 to 3 months, iam anxious to see what the real prob is, as there is a few issues with the knee.



Hi had left knee operated on twice. However when suggested for a third time I rang ARC they told me that they do not recommend this type of treatment any more? I then had a TKR on my left knee in June last year and it is now feeling better. Trouble is the right knee has suffered and I cannot face a TKR on that one!

Not sure that this is helpful to you but maybe we can clarify what is recommended these days. Sam x


Hi Sam thanks for that, iam sorry but i dont know what the abbreviations are for what you have put. i see you have had alot of surgery. Iam a bit of a coward when it comes down to operations, dont like being put to sleep.



Hi Julie

I think I have my letters mixed up what a suprise!

Not sure if it was the Arthritis and Rheumatism Council I spoke with or Arthritis Research UK. Either way I got the letters mixed up sorry.

The girl I spoke with was very helpful.

By the way when I had my TKR could not have general anaethestic due to my age. So had spinal anaethestic but out of it.

Sam X


hi gallini

i had my right knee cleaned out in dec 11, only to told in jan 12 that it was a pointless op and that my cartlidge had totally gone and i now awaiting a new knee,but you must do what you feel is right for you at this time, good luck with whatever you decide xx


I'm seeing my rheummy tomorrow & need to ask him about my knee as it's very swollen & painful to walk on - mind you I have been walking about 5 miles!!!!

I hate not being able to do the things I used to do so push myself to carry on!


i hate to be the bearer of bad news ive had that done 6 times, since being 18 years old im now 43 the last one was feb '12 and i go in for a partial knee replacement on 25th June.......i believe the operations made things worse, but who thing is for sure if the other knee starts i won't be going in for the same op!!! good luck


Arthritis research uk recommend physiotherapy whether you have an op or not.


had over 10 ops on both knees, just had total knee replacement and that only took me 6 weeks to be able to drive so that seems a lot for keyhole?


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