first week through

hi everyone

its now one week since my TKR, today has by far been the best out of last three

obviously still painful but nothing like yesterday and Tuesday

Tuesday I was wishing I hadn't had it done, yesterday you couldn't of paid me a million pounds to do it again then today well maybe

no one said it was going to be easy but no one said it was going to be this hard either

That's why I said I would post everyday, and say it exactly how it is to me

lets see what the second week brings

kindest regards DEREK

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Onwards and upwards derek! Well done .

It is a difficult op to recover from in the first few weeks. Probably the hardest I've ever needed to work .

However, whilst I think you may have another few days ahead where, for many reasons, you may wish you had left the op. It sounds like you've turned a corner and it will just continue to improve.

Take care.


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Well done and keep up the good work, hope the pain gets a bit easier

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I wish you many more days of positive progress. The difficult period of sticking to your physio programme is still to come, but it sounds as if you like a challenge. Onwards and upwards. All the very best.


Hi Derek

Having had a TKR myself I know exactly where you are coming from, wishing you hadn't had it done, it is hard in the early days! My advice would be to be absolutely regimented with your pain relief, have a timetable for taking whatever helps you and stick to it.

The huge benefit of keeping your diary will be in noticing the small improvements every day, note down details of how much bend you have, how long you can stand for, how many times a day you apply ice etc. The early days are painful and demoralising but it does get better and you will be grateful you had the op when you walk upstairs pain free.

All the best.


thank you much appreciated


Hi Derek.

Thank you for posting an honest experience.

I can go forward for my tkr knowing what to expect especially given that we both have no patella and we seem to be in a minority.

I am in awful pain at the moment as a bakers cyst is making my situation even worse so I am almost glad at the upcoming surgery......I can hopefully face the major pain that goes with surgery with a light at the end of the tunnel.

Keep can do this! Very best wishes and once again- thank you.



I also had a bakers cyst that had burst at time of surgery

today has been a better day again, seeing the brighter side now I think


I guess the localised anaesthetic used during the op has gone and the bruising arrived, lets hope that it continues to subside and get much more comfortable for you. Im certain your honest and clear postings will help others on the road behind you, well done Derek.



hi, thanks leonwp yes each day is less pain haven't conquered the stiffness and movement at all but it is only 8 days post op so I think I'm doing not bad

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