Re-starting Cimzia today

Hi I'm back 😊 I'm re-starting Cimzia today. Came off Orencia as it made me feel totally exhausted for 4 days after taking the weekly injection. However, it did sort my feet out and they're not swollen or painful now. My Rheumatologist wants me to try Cimzia again in the hope that my feet don't flare up as it worked on all my other joints last time. Fingers crossed!

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  • Good luck Bernese. Just love BMD

  • Hello Bernese, I hope CIMZIA will work without affecting your feet. It enabled me to get control back over my life and I really don't know where I would be without it now. The picture of your dog reminds me of many summers in the Bernese alps spent with wonderful dogs as companions. Hence my username. My mum was from Bern. All the very best.

  • Best of luck with fingers crossed

  • Wishing you all the very best

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