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This is slightly off topic so apologies in advance. A friend of mine has a congenital neurological condition that causes severe muscle weakness and has a lifetime award of DLA including a motability car. She has just received a form to be reviewed/assessed for PIP. She thought that a lifetime award meant that you didn't have to be reassessed, and is naturally very worried about this, as am I as I also have a lifetime award in respect of lifelong visual impairment, as well as all my other ailments.

I think I'm right in saying I have seen posts on the subject on this forum, so wondered if anyone could advise?

Thanks in advance!

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  • No everyone on dla no matter what award is being reassessed I believe but then if you are given a long term award on that I think then there's no more. Although my long term award was 10 years .

    Maybe be one of the neuro charities could help her with the claim or citizens advice. It's unlikely she won't get it , I suspect pen pushing to do. They might want a face to face , embarrassing as they are, but when she can say what she needs help with on a daily activity I'm sure there will be no problem.

    Just annoying but we are all in the same boatlots of advice on citizensadvice.org

  • Unfortunately no, for many lifetime awards don't exist any more in effect since DLA has been replaced by PIP. Everyone who is still on DLA will need to be assessed as a new PIP claimant, previous DLA awards aren't taken into account I'm afraid. The same will apply to you unfortunately, so do explain how your conditions affect your mobility & the extent of daily care you require.

    Be aware PIP isn't about how many or which conditions you have but how you're affected & the extra cost needed to keep you as independent as possible. This explains further citizensadvice.org.uk/benef...

    There are some who can remain on DLA but they have to be born on or before 8th April 1948. They can continue on it so long as they still have care or mobility needs. I take it as she's received a PIP application form she was under 65 on 6th April 2013?

    You could both try the PIP test, have an idea of how you could score on each question & section benefitsandwork.co.uk/perso...

    I feel for those who thought they'd have their DLA on a lifetime award. PIP was my first benefit so I didn't have to through that but I hope you both receive the award you need.

  • Much nicer answer than mine nmh!

  • Give over A, yours was helpful too. Oh Lordy, my keyboard's just spit in two!!!

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  • Hahaha. Actually I was a bit bothered but replying to you just using my thumbs was a sinch!

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  • Thank you so much to both of you - this confirmed what I thought, but the info from nomoreheels explains it really well.

    Thanks also for the links - we'll definitely follow up on these. In the meantime, my friend (who is 59) has told me that she has been in touch with a contact who specialises in benefits for her condition, and has a good track record with regard to PIP, so hopefully he'll be able to help. More than anything, it's her car that would be a massive loss - its her lifeline, so fingers crossed!

    Thanks again to both of you - it is very much appreciated πŸ˜€

  • Doh nmh you are the cool dude!! X

  • You're welcome. If you find yourself stumped on anything when it comes the time to fill in your application form pop back on, there's lots of us who've been through the process & we may be able to help. Don't forget to take a copy for yourself before you send it back, I recommend sending it registered delivery or signed for or whichever it is nowadays!

  • Hi hi, people over retirement age but follow this link

    gov.uk/pip/eligibility Click or copy and paste.


  • Unfortunately everyone is now required to end DLA and then you have 28 days to apply for PIP. Once you receive the notice if you dont apply your DLA stops, if you do apply your DLA stays until you have had a face to face asessment for PIP, i think the only avoidance of the face to face is terminal illness with less than 6 months life expectancy (in which case you probably wouldnt care anyway). I fully understand your concern as i too had high level of both on DLA and had to apply. Fortunately my PIP application was fine. However i have now been told to attend a compulsory interview on 31st or my ESA will stop. I do wish they would stop frightening people with long term problems and causing us stress like this, it is nothing short of evil. Very best of luck to you both.


  • Thank you!

  • Can anyone apply for PIP if diagnosed with RA?

  • Pop is designed to help people who have problems with daily activities . It sets out different catafories e.g. Can you walk unsupported for less than 30 ( I think) yards. Can you dress yourselfcan you meet your toilet needs, can you go out on your own etc .

    evidence from your doctor will help as to how much it affects your life .

    Nras do a booklet describing what you need for so many points, so if you contact them they will send you a booklet which will give you a better idea. X

  • Just as A says, it's a benefit designed to help with costs to make you more independent, it's not for having RD but how it affects you. You can get some idea if you could be eligible from the link from Benefits & Work I gave above. If you're successful your carer could also get Carer's Allowance, if appropriate to you of course.

    The walking unsupported (without anything aiding you such as a walking frame, stick etc ) options varies from less than 20 metres up to 200 metres & further.

    The link to the NRAS booklet (also available as a download) is here nras.org.uk/publications/ho... It's not an exact representation of the application form but it gives an idea of it, the actual form is quite detailed with plenty of space to add further information There's another too, in the form of a guide to help you apply which also covers ESA (Employment & Support Allowance) nras.org.uk/help-for-people...

  • I thought it maybe in place for when you have bad days an not receiving sick pay unless ssp to top up your wages?

  • No it's not I'm afraid. Do you not get SSP from the company you work for or are you not off work because of RD for long enough, enough days in a row?

  • Hi, thanks for reply. An yes but I've been off for a few months, not got much full time pay left but would get ssp. I'm just about to start the tablets an hoping Its all fine sailing... watch this space.

  • You can apply for PIP working or not tho xx it's just to help you cope with problems caused by illness.

  • Sorry, not made the connection. So, you've not started your meds yet, SSZ? I wonder if you should ask advice, it may be prudent if you do decide to apply for PIP to wait a while. Only thinking you're recently diagnosed & don't know how you'll respond yet. You may do well, that's the hope but it may also be the DWP's opportunity to say so too. Think about it, or maybe talk to your Rheumy about it, you need to have as much supporting evidence as you can so his input by letter & any other, physio's, occupational health, podiatry etc would be valuable. It's not means tested so you can work & still apply though hopefully you'll be one of the fortunate ones & won't have need of it. If you do decide to apply remember we'll help where we can.

  • I hope so... No there sitting in my handbag.. took a weeks holiday but between drs an chemist it took 7 days to get them wanted to start Monday to see if I would start to get side effects would have at least a week in first!! Before going back in but Hey ho x

  • That's a long time to wait to get your script filled. The sooner you take them the better because they don't work immediately. Fingers crossed when you do start them you're ok.

  • I have posted to many threads regarding PIP and it might be worth some time to review them, I will make 3 points though and you will need to have the relevant evidence, in case of DWP "problems" and record all phone calls with them.

    1 - Have any assessment recorded and have a witness with you that can make notes.

    2 - I have had an assessor lie, see 1 above, trust no one involved in the PIP process, they are not there to help you.

    3 - DWP deadlines must be kept, yes they are very tight and designed to ensure you cannot get advice before completing their forms, so make sure they know that you are seeking advice and give them the appointment date. Having 3rd party support helps you and puts the DWP on the defensive.

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