well i give bloods today

whent podiatry yesterday they told me this thing on my big toe was what they cal a chill blane on the end me dont think so bet better today when i got up now tingling again on me. and i feel a bit sick today dont no why that has come on must have caught the bug sso im resting it for another daay the walk into podiatry killed my ankle and knee.

DOES anyone on her feel like on leg is longer than the other or am i imagining it just fels like mi si joint is not in the right place.

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I have one leg slightly longer than the other.when I had hips and knees replaced they shortened one and now it is barely noticeable. However, following a bad fall a few weeks ago I needed to be scanned and the DR asked me if one keg had always been shorter!

I'm laughing a little because if we were to describe ourselves on paper, it might prove a hard sell !!

Hoping you feel a bit better soon .



yes marie when you look at all of us on here YOU COULD NOT MAKE A GOOD BODY OUT OF THE LOT OF US lol

thats interesting to know you havent injured your si joint with the fall have you that can make one leg feel shorter than other.

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Oh my god. Chillbanes, the blight of my life when I was young. Used to toast in front of the fire with my evergreen ointment on. Lol. Seriously wishing you better X

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