The dance of the clouds

I wrote this a couple of days ago.

The cloud veils the mountain peak

The wind sways the green tree tops

Playing a game of hide and seek

And the jagged edge gleefully pops.

From down below

a bull shaped cloud does rise

From the formless sheet above

Emerges an eagle. In a trice

The bull's horns, it lassoes,

With its powerful beak.

Lo and behold !

The bull scatters

Into flowers of silver and gold .

As the setting sun

Shows it's glowing face.

People are busy working

Unaware of the magic in their midst

A car speeding, another honking

But I am eager for the next twist

In the dance of the clouds.

5 Replies

  • Lovely , were you thinking of a particular place?

  • Thank you allanah. I can see the Western Ghats mountain range from my place, in South India. So let my imagination run.

  • Looks gorgeous in my imagination , thanks

  • Simply lovely.


  • Beautifully said! I can see the clouds in my mind!

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