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I have had a letter saying that I have to go to an assessment in a couple of weeks. My friend is going to drive me as it is in Chesterfield a town quite a way from where I live. I am dreading it but it has to be done. I feel quite down about it at the moment have not been sleeping and sometimes feel as if a dark cloud is pressing down on me. But MRSA didnt beat me and this wont but oh I am so fed up with it all. Sorry everyone thanks for listening. Goodnight

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  • Hiya. Don't overly worry. Just tell them what u r like and what You find hard. I can't remember wot its on but there is a new publication from Nras on ESA and new pip? Maybe have a look at their website.

    I did get quite fed up with my RA and all the forms etc! This period will pass when you get the results. It's really easy to get Bit fed up with It all, but when you get on a support group it will be easier for you. If u get a work related group, you can appeal and you can bring in the evidence from your Rheumy and GP too.

    Sometimes as you know it's the waiting thats the worst. It will soon be orted but don't let the stress make ur RA flare or worsen , hugs Axx

  • Take your partner with you if you have one to add to what your saying and they can remember things that you won't remember. ALso get a recoder or use your phone so you know what they said. I stress though that you take someone with you. Hope it goes well for

  • Thank you sylvi for the good advice. I will take my friend Gill in with me.

  • Oh thank you Allanah i feel ashamed for moaning but you are right with what you say. I will look for the new leaflet on ESA thanks again.

  • Gosh no, u have nothing to be ashamed about it is stressful.! Just tell them what it's like on your worst day and they will be able to see xxx

  • Thank you lovey. I will bear what you say in mind.

  • And don't, whatever you do, put a brave face on things. This will not be a day to say "I can just about manage to...." - you will need to stress the things you CAN'T do. It won't be easy because for most of us, putting a brave face on and getting on with stuff is how we go about life.

    Good luck,

    Dotty x

  • Thank you Dotty you are right too I do normally try to put a brave face on. Sharonx

  • Nothing to much to worry about hun, just tell them about your worst days and how you are unable to sit or stand for long periods and how you are always in pain and find that you can't even manage a cup of tea and a sandwich on your worst days as well. Make sure your friend Gill can tell the Atos interviewer of what she's witnessed and the care she has to give to and for you hun. Good luck and hope it goes well for you. xx

  • Thank you for the advice it is much appreciated.

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