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RA dance

Step 1: get onto Humira start to feel much better and seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

Shuffle about

Step 2: get told you need a neck operation, worry and stress about it, feel bad.

Hobble around slowly

Step 3: get taken off your RA biological drugs and start to swell up like a puffer fish (see watson3 blog, no ulcer but..)

wring hands a lot

Step 4: Ask your friends at nras hu for support as you are feeling so rubbish

repeat as necessary till operation over and recovery restarted.


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Hi Allanah,

It's horrible waiting around for things to start happening. Hopefully once the operation is over and you can get back on your meds things will start to improve again for you, maybe you will feel even better than you did before. It's a very stressful time for you though but you can be sure we will all be thinking about you and looking out for updates as to how you are getting on.

Hugs from me

Mary x


Thanks need those hugs today Mary xx


Hi Allanah, such a worry for you but maybe feeling rubbish will prove to you that you have little choice but to have it done but what do I know. Thinking of you. Caza xx


U know loads!! Thanks for thinking bout me xx


Hello A

I'm sure you are going to waltz your way through that operation. And we will support you every step of the way.

Thinking of you



Oh ha ha I see what you did ! "Waltz" lolxx


Kerep saying to yourself i will recover,i will recover and my darling you will. sending hugs your


Thanks sweetie, enjoy your hols xx


After the operation you will l wonder what all the fuss was about I hope your in and out quickly and back to your normal cheerful self I lucky going on holiday then return to hear my fate (an knee or hip op) you try to stay positive and cyber hugs coming your way xxx


Waltzing Matilda is with you all the way into that op and out the other side in spirit and in name too! Tilda xxx


Hee Hee thanks A xx


Poor you! I don't know how long you have to wait for your op, but with luck it won't be too long, if you're going to worry so much about it. Be kind to yourself and ease up on all that dancing!

Ally x


xxx Thanks Ally , its at the beginning of November , go for preassement tomorrow, ye worried, but heigh ho!! Axx


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