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Hi all, just wondering if anyone has had or seen a rash like this. When I was at my local out of hours Drs the other week she was concerned about the progression to cellulitis. I ended up having 2 courses of strong antibiotics and went back last week because it hadn't cleared up yet. I was given zerocream to moisturize and Fucibet cream as a steroid/anti biotic. I go back again Thursday to see the nurse practitioner, it comes and goes but this is the worst in a long time. I'm just not sure if it's Hypothyroid or RA related or even both as they're both autoimmune disorders. Considering I'm relatively new to this site, I've felt happy enough to post my problems and I really appreciate the help everyone has given already 😘💖

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Have you asked for a referral to a Dermatologist to get a Biopsy done?

At least then you will know for sure what sort of rash it is & how to treat it .

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Thanks for your reply, I was referred to a dermatologist a few years ago and sent off with potions and creams etc but that was just on the back of my leg. I think it might be time to get referred again, I really hate it, after losing over 5&1/2 stone, little but back on, I was able to wear shorts etc then this started up and I want to hide again but trying my best not to 💖

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I had something similar to that on my chest and neck. It turned quite scaly and itchy. I was really ill at the time (before diagnosis). My inflammatory markers were high. Not sure if it was actually psoriasis in my case, or a virus.

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Sorry I forgot to reply to you, I think this has got worse (spread) and it's itching like crazy, wish I'd got some anti histamine now xx

Hi Ginger 46,

I developed an extremely itch rash that presented itself in random parts of my body. My scalp itched like hell in the mornings and after showering, I had red scratch like marks in areas and other parts were red ,lumpy and itchy. It got so bad I was seen in A&E. They couldn't work out what it was. I had steroid creams, pills etc! None helped. I was eventually sent to dermatology where they diagnosed Urticaria. I was given two types of antihistamines twice daily and after tests, was informed I was allergic to morphine , codein and naproxen. Meds I was taking following a cervical fusion op.

The antihistamines resolved the problem. Horrible and frightening experience! Dermatology is your best bet to get the appropriate treatment. Identifying skin conditions is not an easy task for gp's !

Good luck

Suzie x

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Thanks for your reply, what a nightmare, I'm going to get hold of out of hours later, I don't think I'll wait till Thursday and you're right about GP's , it isn't easy xx

Hi Ginger46, I got this last year but on the palms of my hands, my fingers and wrists as well as my toes and feet. Very painful and itchy! The red spots turned into white spots that became blisters, some of them joined together to form bigger blisters. They eventually burst and I lost all of the skin on my hands and feet. This repeated for almost 2 months and I could not walk on my feet without loads of pain. The doctor put me on tramadol which helped with the pain and eventually it all started to get a bit better. I am on 15mg of Methotrexate which has helped tremendously. I just hope that you don't have to go through the same thing and I would recommend seeing your rheumatologist ASAP!

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Oohh that sounds really sore, I see RD nurse on Thursday but I'm going to try and get in with out of hours docs later xx

Been in touch with 111 as can't get into GP's and just waiting now for a call back, I'm trying to scratch elsewhere so I don't touch it xx

Been up to my local out of hours and it looks like varicose eczema and possibly nodular pruritis, maybe due to autoimmune disorder, hmmm wonder what that might be 😤

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