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Feel so silly! Another rude awakening 😮


I literally posted on here the other day about falling asleep and how I need to be more careful with drinks. So what have I gone and done, yep fell asleep with a full mug of tea in my hand again. Obviously as my head dropped, so did the tea. All down my tummy and into my lap, I was soaked. Luckily I slept long enough for it to be only warm but its still a pain in the bum cleaning up my mess.

I don't if anyone else struggles with this but due to my weak wrists I have a hard job picking up heavy objects like cups of tea. That's why I usually end up resting it on my chest or tummy so it's easier for me to raise and take a sip. But I'm going to have to find a different solution because I'm not a fan of waking up drenched to my knickers in tea lol. Think perhaps a lap tray might be a good idea.

Hope you've had better evening than me, Bev xx

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I use wooden arm trays on my chair arms to rest cups and other things on. There are a number of brands available on Amazon...Besto is one, Ewart Woods another. I find them quite stable and safe.

BeverleyAnn63 in reply to Mmrr

I'll take a look, thank you.

I am laughing with you on this . It’s maddening even when I say to myself don’t do it I still do!

I always think "it'll be fine". But it never is lol.

First thought I'd have is that ive wet myself ha ha Probably be glad its just tea 😆

No in all seriousness glad it wasn't boiling x

Haha yes it has cross my mind before. Told my husband and he said you really need to stopping teaing your pants lol.



We all do these silly things. Thank goodness it wasn't "HOT". Your husband's comment was hysterical!

You are not alone!...I've managed it twice in the last 6 months. I once nodded off while sitting on a pouffet and toppled sideways ending up on the floor. :-O

Could you use a smaller /lighter cup

I need to do this myself as I struggle to stay awake in the evening

Dear Bev,

Please don't 'take this the wrong way' but..... is there not an Adult Version of a 'Toddlers' Sippy-Cup available. These 'things' can be dropped, thrown, kicked even 'thrown through the air' and Land in One Piece..... and Still Not leak- yet the moment, any 'Suction' is applied, they dispence the Drink without 'Trouble'.

I'm NOT, for one minute, suggesting that YOU should have a Sippy Cup.... just Something, that employs the same 'technology'.

Yes you could have some Tray, or other 'Contivance', specifically made for you..... though this, in your case, sounds like an Expensive Way To Bruise Your Arm!

An alternative, though I don't know how Practical, might be a Tube/ Straw arrangement, of some kind.

Just a few 'thoughts', for you Bev.... After all NONE, of us, want you to be Burned!


It's not the burning I'm concerned about, I always let and hot drink cool for a while before attempting to lift it. So they're never really hot enough to burn me if I spill or drop it.

I have considered one of these cups but I like drinking out of my china. Tea always seems to just tastes better in bone china. However I think I'll try other solutions first, if they don't work then I might have no choice but to turn to a sippy cup. I'll definitely look into your straw suggestion though, that seems like not a bad idea.

Thank you for your advice, take care, Bev xx

I get it. I do too.

Thank god it wasn’t burning hot!

Not sure what the solution is, but take care x

I always let any hot drink cool for 10 minutes or so. That way I'm always saved from a scalding xx

A travel mug might be your best choice but you may never get any tea into it as the lids are pig to get off.... I hope that you’re not Yorkshire based as my understanding is that it’s a hangable offence to waste tea up there 🙃😳🙃

Gnarli in reply to Ali_H

Hanged, drawn and quartered plus never allowed pork pie and mushy peas again! Probably 😉

BeverleyAnn63 in reply to Gnarli

No thankful I'm not lol. Would of been hung years ago 😂

Oh no! I am worried that you might spill boiling tea on yourself. Please be careful.

Oh but that's horrible. Thank goodness you didn't scald yourself. When your meds finally control things the crashing fatigue should lessen but in the meantime there are dozens of companies out there happy to sell adult non-spill cups, some with double handles, which should stop the chances of spilling drinks. Have you been given any wrist excercises to strengthen them? If not it would be worth talking to your rheumy nurse about availability. Wishing you well

Whoops it’s a good job you let your tea cool before attempting to drink it perhaps a lap tray might work but think it maybe time to ditch the bone China and come up with another alternative even if it’s for the short term until the fatigue lessens. The problem I’ve found with lap trays are they do tend to be quite heavy just need to have a small table very close by and stop putting the cup in your lap if the table is the same height as your knees then it won’t be too different to lift it as long as you don’t trip over it of course. Fingers crossed you find a helpful solution love the ‘stop teaing your pants’ by the way made me laugh.

You are not alone, i have spilt my tea this week. Its weird but i never spill my coffee? Fell asleep in the afternoon watching a film on TV and had to change everything i was wearing. Fortunately my sofa is sort of tea coloured,! .

Take care Sopsx

BeverleyAnn63 in reply to Sops

Well glad I'm not alone then. I have 2 chair covers that are easily washable so no damage done to any fabric. Did you wake up immediately, because I've been know to sleep through spillages before lol.

Well yes but only because it was hot, i feel my mouth has moved sideways so Imiss it, sounds daft!


I have a lap tray and they are good, but it can still sometimes seem a long way to your mouth!