After suffering RA for 10years, and in the last 2 years I have sustained damage to hips, knees, feet, ankles, wrists, hands, neck. shoulders. Now 4 dmards and 2 biologics later I have applied and been awarded the enhanced rate in living and mobility. I had a home assessment from Atos and they were wonderful, she made me so at ease and was very professional. The weight that has now been lifted from my shoulders since I stopped working 6 months ago is immense

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  • Great news. Really pleased for you! 😊

  • Thankyou

  • Congratulations. I hope this helps you.


  • Thankyou, it will certainly help

  • So pleased for you! xx

  • Thankyou

  • Wonderful news!!

  • thanks

  • thanks

  • I've got my assessment on Friday - not looking forward to it :(

  • just be you that's all I did, fingers crossed

  • The assessments at home are so much more 'people friendly' in general,and I felt that they actually respected the fact they were in my home. Here's keeping everything crossed it's not too stressful for you,and you get you outcome you need

    Nicki x

  • Good for you, so some of the accessors are human after all👍

  • happy mine was

  • Congrats

    I hope that my application from DLA to PIP goes as smoothly

    I ring up tomorrow to begin the process

  • I wish you all the best, I asked my doctor first about going for pip and she said she would back me all the way as did my rheumy nurse and my rheumatologist. they got all the medical paper work for me and the wonderful citizen advice helped me fill the pip form in

  • Glad you had a good accessor, mine seemed to know very little about RA and that made the transfer from DLA very stressful as I had to request a mandatory reconsideration. My award was for 3 years which means going through it again at the end of this year.

    Friends who have since gone through the process have had far better experience, so fortunately I think the process has been changed for the better.

    Good luck PaulineS

  • surely they realise that RA is incurable and they give you an indefinite pip

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