Needs a advice ASAP please

Hi I'm Amanda,

I've had RA since I was 18 years old I'm now 30. Things aren't the best I'm due for a knee replacement operation on both knees. I have a infusion rituxmab and I take methotrexate. I also take predisione which I hate taking so much. I was wondering if I could ask for advice. I'm really struggling with weight loss I gain a bit but it's all in my face and tummy. I only eat 3 meals a day but one minute I'm 3 pounds lighter next I'm 4 pounds heavier which is upsetting to me. Any advice on diets? I'm have a lot of flare ups due to my knee I'm not sure if the extra weight is due to the inflammation on my knee. I can't really exercise at the moment as I need a crutch or wheel chair to get about. Just need advice on weight and if any one else has had knee replacement as well and how it well. Thank you 😊

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  • Going through exactly the same Amanda with diabetes added on. I'm seeing my gp for help as he realises with my drugs and difficulty exercising it will be hard.

    It's a quandary I need the dugs and steroids but hate the weight. I Feel for you but chat with your gp ?! X

  • Thank you for responding. I hope everything goes well with the doctor. I'll give it a go sometimes it's hard to make them understand what your going through. My knee is very big at the moment can't have operation till after Feb 17 which is so frustrating as I just want this done now. X

  • Hi there

    Yes I've had both knees operated on. The operation went very well. I don't have nearly as much pain.

    I'm quite over weight. I lost four stone, and then put some back on with the steroids. I eat healthily, but my issue is portion control. I eat out of boredom. I'm going to start eating from my adult sons baby plate, and only from that.

    I'm a veggie. I think I was eating way too many nuts! It is very difficult to lose the weight, particularly if you are limited in what you can do. A very nice neighbour has just got me a exercise bike. Of course that won't be good for you right now with your knee, or for a good few months after operation. But maybe later?

    The one thing I found really helpful when I was in agony before knee operation, was swimming. Brilliant! Great after too.

    I'm sure you will feel loads better once your knee has been fixed. Sorry you are struggling.

  • Hey thank you for replying.

    I did try swimming but as I have loads of inflammation in my knee it was painful to swim. But after the operation I definitely will be. I'm very good with my snacking now I only snack on apples oranges or grapes. I find tho I get a lot of headaches and constantly hungry due to my steroids. I've got weight in my face and tummy just annoying because I can't wear the tops I like. I've been on steroids for 6 years I'm now on 7.5 mg a day just hope I can get off these after my operation.

  • I am on long term steroids, mtx, Humira and naproxen for my RA other meds for other problems. Try looking up The Zoe Harcombe diet. Stop counting calories and lose weight. I did this over 3 years ago and lost weight and still felt ful, a different way of eating. I am gluten free low sugar and low carbs and it has helped with the inflammation a great deal. Good luck. X

  • Thank you for replying.

    I will look at that thank you. Can I ask a question with the methotrexate do you get shortness of breath ? Because I struggle to take a full deep breath sometimes and it's due to methotrexate.

  • I do have a problem at the moment with costochonditus a pain in the sternum, so that is causing shortness of breath. I only went on mtx in August and apart from an upset stomach for a few weeks, not much of a problem. I have also recently been Dx with dry eyes and a ptosis in my left eye, which started not long after taking mtx, my rheumy says not caused by this. Maybe a coincidence... We are all different so check with your rheumatologist or the nurse. X

  • Yep I definitely am I'm hoping I'll be taking off it. I've been on it for years and I feel my body just use to it now it's not having that affect it should do anymore.

  • Just to add, if you go back to a post from CaerylUSA 2 days ago, on NHS and Funding and go way down, she has quoted from Zoe Harcombe, and also posted some links they may be helpful. X

  • Should have mentioned Kai.. Look up his posts as many diet idea which may suit you better. Sorry have developed a cold since Sunday and not up to my usual parr. Take care. Xx

  • 6 months ago my rheumy wanted to take me down the corridor to meet a surgeon to have both knees replaced. My next appt is next week and I don't think he will be arguing the same at all.

    Since then I have been on a whole food plant based diet tuned to my body by an elimination process and now do week-daily Bikram Yoga sessions. My CRP at its worst reached 174. It is now down in the low 20s and dropping each month according to my blood tests. All my other blood results are also nearing normal ranges.

    Apart from not yet reaching an ideal CRP I have never felt healthier not just RA-wise but also emotionally, mentally and physically.

    For anyone interested, I cannot recommend the Paddison Program enough.

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