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I found this site a week ago & have found it so helpful. In my first post I stated that I'm 34 yrs old with RA & has had it since August 2010.

I've been off work due to severe knee pain since Wednesday 21st December 2016 & due to return to work next week Monday 16th January 2017. I work as a cook 25 hrs per week in a day centre for the elderly & love it so much as its a 'family' atmosphere.

I phoned NRAS last Wednesday where I had information sent to me on RA to give to my employer which I did this morning. She still questioned whether I'm physically able to do the job although my knee is much better. She then also said which I know anyway that there's only 3 staff & when I'm off our deputy manager does the cooking leaving the manager on the floor with the dementia members on the days they're in. Basically she was saying that she needs a reliable person to do the cooking & send that she may send me to an occupational therapist to see if I'm up to the job. I said to her that I have a stool to bring in & providing I sit down as much as possible I'll be fine. I'm aware of the Equality Act 2010 & I am due to see my rheamy nurse on the 19th January 2017. What should I do ? My physiotherapist says that I'm capable of doing the job. Should I speak to my GP or rheamy nurse about this ?


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  • Keep going as long as you can and take advice from your union. Don't let them bully you out of your job you maybe ok once you get back. OH can be really helpful to assist your daily needs on the work place.

    Good luck


  • Hi Trish1957

    Thanks for your reply


  • Occupational health can strongly suggest to your employer reasonably adjustments to make sure you stay in work.

    All the best.


  • Hi Jacqui

    Thankyou for your reply


  • Occupational health should be independent from your employers and should only offer unbiased medical and practical advise that supports you in the work place in the first instance. I can't imagine. From your description that they'd be stating, at this stage. That you're not fit for your job.

    If in a union, I would definitely seek their advice and support.

    Best of luck with things.

  • Hi Eiram50

    Thanks for your advice.

    Unfortunately there's no union at work as there's only 3 members of staff. I will definitely be phoning different places tomorrow out of my NRAS booklet. One of the places being Disability Rights.


  • I can see both sides of the coin here and i admire your determination to keep going because you obviously love doing what you do and care for the people you are providing for, that stands out a mile. The reverse side is that obviously see the other side of the problem from the point of view of your work colleauges. I think you should get as much proffessional advice as you can for the reasons that you have mentioned but also please be aware that it is very difficult to undo damage and prevention is always better than cure. It may be that the experts advising you feel that you carrying on will cause damage that extends beyond your working life and you should definately look at the big long term picture that may be more difficult for you to see right now. Good luck with it all. Blessings.

  • Hi Leonwp

    Thankyou for your reply

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