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A new Knee ??

I have an appointment for my pre-op on Novenber 2nd, for a total knee replacement, but i am very worried that they wont do it because i am over weight, 6 weeks ago i broke my ankle so have not had any chance of doing exercise, i am also on prednisolone which has piled on the weight ! before this happened i was on a lifestyle program so went swimming and exercising each week., but i fear the weight has piled on again after being laid up with my broken ankle, If anyone has any advice i would be grateful

Wendy x

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I had a knee replaced whilst overweight so don't worry too much. You will feel a lt better after having your op. They will get you out of bed the next day after your op and get you mobile and please do all the exercises they give you as it is in your benefit. xxxx


Thanks Sylvia, yes i have promised everyone that i will do the exercises.

Wendy xx

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My pre op for new knee is next Friday.

I honestly dont think that weight will be much of an issue if you've got this far. My sister had one last year and she was quite overweight then - I'd imagine about 18stone but dont know for sure.

I've had a rough ride with a pre op in June which went into free fall after a registrar misread the ecg printout which left me waiting about two months for a cardiology appointment. The cardiologist incidentally said that my scan was fine it just needed someone who knew about these things to read it!! And my blood pressure was OK. They were concerned about my diabetes (which is well under control at the moment) and asthma (ditto).

On Friday I am going along (at 8.30 am...) with printouts of the letters sent to my GP from cardiology, diabetes and bloods. If anyone is doubtful I would ask for a second opinion ON THE DAY. Any referral just involves delays and I wish I hadnt accepted to go home after the first preop.

The only other thing I would share is that it is good to do exercise. Can you do non weight bearing muscle strengthening exercises? If you can see a physio that would be the safest thing. I wish I'd had the op earlier now because I can hardly walk and I know that rehabilitation will be more difficult. However, at least I know that I really need the op.

I hope you get on OK. I'll let you know if anything arises next week that you might find useful. Have you had the flu jab yet? Just getting an infection could delay things which isnt nice at all.



Thanks Cathie, i have my flu jab next week, i have just got back from the hospital after having a boot on my foot after breaking my ankle, but at last that is getting better now, just have to exercise it !

Good luck with your pre-op hope it all goes better than the last time.

xx Wendy


One of the good things I got is a floor pedaller which I got on the recommendation of my physio. I dont know if you can do it with your ankle, but its good for cardio-vascular.

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