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Umbrella recommendation



After being in London for 6 months, I have realized the importance of owning an umbrella. I was wondering if I could get recommendations on any umbrellas that are best suited for people with RA? My hands are the most affected, and I find it really hard to operate the regular umbrellas. I have been looking at some that have the button to open and close, and they seem fine, but still require being pushed really hard to work. Any recommendations?



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Err...a large hat and a poncho? I have mostly given up on umbrellas, but have a wide brimmed waxed cotton hat that squashes down into the bottom of my bag. Does most of the job, and a plastic poncho type thing that was a free gift does the rest.

Mine are far from chic and stylish, but they do the job! However there are loads of lovely lightweight cycling capes or rainwear - danish brands are particularly appealing to me.

I have almost given up on umbrellas as well. I do have a good jacket with a nice hood, but I still get wet on my legs and face. I bought a lightweight umbrella one time, but it couldn't take the winds, and I struggled with opening and closing it :(

I have a poncho and usually have a hood on my coat/jacket which helps

I've got a Mary Poppins frilled and striped one fom John Lewis. Its posh and was expensive but does look it. It has button to pop up and easy to pull down as sping loaded it is also very strong and even in high wind does not blw inside out.

That's good to know. Thanks! I'll check out the collection at John Lewis.


I have a few but can’t use any with my wrists and fingers so I just use hood or a hat depending which coat I’m wearing 😳

Sorry not much help x

Yup I've resorted to hoods too. I can't hold them for too long either, but thought there might be something better suited for us out there. I guess I'll just stick to my jackets and hoods and take the rain on my face.

Yeah I’m same but I’ve got a bakers hat off eBay fleece lined and it sort of keeps off face just has long as it doesn’t get windy lol x

The good cycling capes do have a duck's bill type hood that keeps most of the rain off your face...

Have resorted to coats with hoods I'm afraid - I share your problems with umbrellas. Too heavy, hurt my hands especially in strong winds, and I'm too clumsy to cope with holding one - I need both hands free. Sorry, not much help!

enthusiatjc in reply to Witness2

Yeah it is quite a struggle. Who knew a day would come in our lives when we struggled with something as simple as an umbrella :/

I bought five cheap light umbrellas from a Pound Shop....easy to open, do the job & at £1 a time who cares if it blows inside out?

I do have one of the expensive brollies with a double half layer that withstands a gale is automatic...but very heavy so I usually use the cheap ones.

Easiest solution ........a plastic floppy hat or a hoody!

I had a few from poundland, but struggled to get them open, and close. and they flipped inside out every single time :(

I know what you mean...I have been known to just put the open umbrella in a Rubbish bin in the car park when I couldn't close Its!

Yes I've done the same! lol

I would be interested in this as I have problems with umbrellas

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