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Some of you have seen my previous post would be aware that I have. spoken about ldn ( low dose naltrexone) as I have said before only some doctors will prescribe this on one of my previous post I said I asked my rheaumy about ldn and they showed no interest since then I approached another doctor and got a prescription for ldn what I would like advice on is what do I say to my rheaumy next appointment also Al's as I go to a public hospital you don't always see the same rheaumy

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You must tell your rheumatologist about any non prescribed meds you are taking.... They need to know in case it affects your blood tests....or is not safe with your prescribed meds.

Don't worry about not seeing the same doctor every time....whoever you see will have read your notes & will know what is contraindicated.

Hope the LDN helps you Rocky.

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Thank. you agedcrone the doctor I went to see and got the prescription for ldn was an integrative doctor and very well qualified and very professional and very caring

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Please keep us informed on how you are doing on LDN.

Take care Rocky07 & I wish you all the best.

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Thank you Suzanna will let you know after the intensive research I have done I am feeling very positive

Thank you elf sometimes its sometimes difficult to. discuss things with some doctors

What I meant Rocky was that you must tell your regular rheumatologists at the public hospital who hold all your records that you went to another doctor & got the LDN. If they don't know you are taking it they won't know how you are really progressing ....or not as the case may be.....it may alter your blood test results.......& that could mean you are prescribed something that is not suitable.

Be honest with your doctors......after all you will be the one to suffer if they prescribe meds in ignorance of what you are really taking....not them!

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Rocky07 in reply to AgedCrone

Don't worry I always tell them everything

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AgedCrone in reply to Rocky07

Good Lad!

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Rocky07 in reply to AgedCrone

You make me feel young calling me lad. lol thank you

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Eiram50 in reply to Rocky07

Best of luck!


Are you planning to take anything else with the LDN? I am very seriously considering trying it.

Hi Annie I am presently only taking 5mg prednisolone I am trying to stay away from toxic medications and hoping ldn will do that

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