Vacation can be stressful

We leave for Mazatlan on Friday Jan13th2017. Wow, the year has flown by so quickly. It just flows from one treatment to the other lol I am currently on Rituxan, MTX injections etc. How do you dispose of syringe? I managed to book direct, non stop flights, however, it still leaves the travel to and from airports so 7-8 hrs or more. That is freezing me out so I cannot sleep. It is now 4:30 am but have been awake since three.

I do these things for my spouse. I am excited about being in sun vs this crazy weather we are having. I have been locked in for days. It is icy here in Vancouver. Very unusual cold for us. My doctor is still on vacation. My Rheumy ordered pain meds but she is American and cannot provide controlled substances. Opiates have not been very effective . I can easily manage pain at home but not while traveling.

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I'm sure you'll be able to get the meds you need in can get almost anything there!

As for the syringes, if the local pharmacy cannot help you, I'd get a small tin place the syringes in it, then in a sealed Glad freezer bag and pack them in your suitcase on the way home.

Even if Canadian customs open it on your return you're just being responsible and the worst they can do is confiscate it and you don't want the old syringes anyway.

To put your mind at rest you could call Canadian customs in Vancouver on their helpline & ask their advice.

Have a great vacation....send pictures of all that sunshine!

Adios ...AC


Thank you, I am sure it is just anxiety. With only a week to go I am imagining all types of ctastrophy lol I definitely need a vacation. I will do my best to get photo's. I tend to spend all my time behind the camera. The goal is to stop micromanaging everything. I am sure all will be fine.

On side note. It is tragic how many new victims of autoimmune are so young. I hope they find a solution to preventing the onset. It breaks my heart to see these babies suffer. I have decided that this year will be one of recovery. Financial recovery, so fingers crossed. Happy New Year, and here is good health and much happiness.


You can get a small sharps box for travel from your local Rhuematology unit


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