Cardiac Stress Test--Stressful!

Cardiac Stress Test--Stressful!

Haven't gotten any results yet, but the behaviour of the techs, nurses and doctor have me concerned. First of all, they had to get into a vein to leave it open for the injection of a drug that dilates the blood vessels all over the body. Well, 8 sticks later, and three people trying, finally she got it started, just before my doctor arrived. He injected this stuff and immediately my pulse was faster, blood pressure went up, only a little, and I got a headache, like a migraine. The Doctor stayed right there by the machine, looking very interested in the graphs, maybe that is normal, but strangely he didn't say one word directly to me, and in the office, he is always chatty and comments on son Doug, who is not only his colleague, but his neighbor at home, so he always knows what his kids , my grandchildren, are up to.

The first part of the test was done, doctor was on the phone, speaking quietly as the tech took me out to go to the dining room for lunch, provided as part of the procedure, to help clear that drug from the liver. Had to wait an hour for the next phase, another heart scan highlighted by the drug. But was the doc on the phone telling my son, Dr. Hoy, what he saw? Maybe not, I just do not know. The entire procedure took almost 3 hours, but really wasn't a bad experience, just worrisome. Something I'm kinda good at anyways. One thing, it went past time for my usual pain meds and boy did I know that! Finally I told the tech my body was complaining and she told me to go ahead and take it, it wouldn't affect any results now. So that was my day, yesterday. It went well, I guess, now hope it was all normal, though I do have a heart murmur. I know PsA and RA can affect the heart and coronary arteries, so I must keep that in mind. The results were sent to my Rheumy also. Cheers, Loretxx

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  • Sounds a horrid and scary odeal hope you have recovered fron it xxx#

  • It was, just not knowing what they were going to do. Laying in one position for 2 hours was a bit too much for the back bones! But, I'm fine, just not accomplishing much so far today. It's 10:30 am, I should get moving! :)

  • You always think the worse don't you when they won't tell you anything. I hope you have recovered from your ordeal. Sending you my friend lots of

  • I can see why it felt bad with the normally chatty doc being silent. But he was probably just trying to concentrate? Think positive Loret - and you've survived to tell the tale. Fingers crossed results are good and worrying was time wasted. Tilda xxx

  • Doug told me that also, Dr. Ben is focussed. I'm going to tell him he should be a little unfocussed when he first enters the room of a patient quivering from suspense :)

  • Not surprised they call it a stress test if they stress you out so much by fumbling around getting lines in you! I'm usually ok about that sort of thing, but I had a trainee nurse trying to get a cannula in my hand not long ago, and she was making a complete pig's ear of it, so by time we got to the 4th or 5th try I was begging her to go get someone better trained....

    Glad that you came though in one piece, and hope proves worth it as gives them a clear idea of how best to help you. Pollyx

  • That's what I'm waiting for lol, I go on the 15th so not too far away, I hope you relax soon lol.


  • Sounds like you were one brave lady. Hope your results are good. I'm reallly pleased to see you back blogging. I've missed your little icon on my screen.

    Best of luck for good results


  • Aw, thanks, Carole :)

  • I wouldn't worry too much, I think if there is anything that wrong you get fast tracked, you shouldn't be kept in the dark. I tell myself no news is good news!

    What are your symptoms? I've been feeling uncomfortable (wouldn't say true pain) around my chest and getting palpitations. Also had a nap yesterday and felt a small pain in the centre of my chest I woke that shot down my arm. x

  • Go to the doctor or hospital!! ASAP. It could be something or nothing but better getting checked out! Xxxx

  • I haven't had any symptoms, it was being done to get an OK from my GP to have general anesthesia for rotator cuff surgery. It's all OK, so I'm good to go!

  • Nice to hear from you Lorann. What a strange experience, but hope when you get your results and nothing too dramatic shows up.

    Keep us in the loop and let us know how you are.

    All the best


  • Yeah when I had mine it was a very strange experience! I had to wait though even though they did find a problem with my heart until I got a consultant appointment!! Think that was about a month later, things don't move quick though in GB! Inm now on tablets and i did feel so much better for them. i also then had the second part of the test which shows if there is any physical damage to your heart and had to have an echocardiogram. Did you do the gasp thing at the end like I did? It was so weird lol well hoping you get results soon my friend, and I bet the doc was analysing your ECG so might have been thinking rather than talking xxxxxxx

  • Thanks to all of you over there! My results were +/- OK. I have had a murmur for years, a little sticky valve, but nothing to be concerned. Possibly from The PsA and RA, there is a small amount of Pulmonary edema. Hmmmm. Was Rx'd Cardiozyme. We'll see.

    Loret xxx

  • Poor you Loret, sounds horrible. xx

  • Thanks girl, I guess I'm back to normal, if that was ever a description of my well-being LOL ! How have you been getting along? Loret xx

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