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RA and OA Can it just go away!!!!

Hi, Appointment for my RA and OA after 9 months and a phone call to ask are they going to see me ??. I still have very stiff swollen hands and fingers, puffy ankles, painful elbows!!! Awaiting a spinal pain block. I saw a different doctor who told me that my hands were very swollen and I cannot describe the pain when touched. She then got my consultant to look and she said she couldn't feel any swelling. Also that I had 1 episode but my arthritis may come back. My husband and myself came away feeling that no one cared. I have reacted to 5 different drugs quite badly and we are wondering if they are a tad scared to try anything on me!! I also have a lung condition which is finally under control. I struggle to do daily tasks, poured a hot kettle over myself, dropped cups of tea, glasses etc. I have gone from being very active to being on slow release morphine for pain. Haven't worked for 2 years. Is it my imagination and am I going mad?? I never complain and just get on with it!! Sorry to moan but I am at my wits end!! Thanks if anyone reads this. Michelle

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Michelle you have to keep at it, go complain, loudly , until they see you. Go to your GP on a day when you are sore and tell them. OA is extremely painful and causes a lot of people a lot of upset so go until they take you seriously and at least do X-rays. RA is a chronic long term disease that can be controlled but won't go away . They should tell you what's wrong xx


Thank you so much. You feel so alone at times!! Hopefully when I get my scans on my hands something will show again. Not a great week but thankfully people understand and don't make you feel it's in your head. Take care Michelle


Don't feel alone, chat on here! But as old timer says take photos with you as Sod's law the day you go they will look fine! It's not in your head! Just because it's invisible to others doesn't mean that it's not there!


Get your husband to take pictures of when your hands are swollen and painful.

State clearly and often how much it is affecting your life.

It seems that they only listen to those who make a nuisance of themselves!

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Hi Uist

I think it's dreadful the way you were treated! Maybe time to find a different doctor. I am having similar frustration with my feet. I am booked in for an ultrasound scan on my feet which have caused me to be off sick for 11 weeks. I know if nothing shows up on the scan nothing will be done but this is totally unacceptable! Just because a doctor cannot see something does not mean it's not real. Keep on at them, I plan to! Good luck x


I found that meds I've taken for RA also helped with oa. Can't give advice on here, but you might follow up that idea


Thank you all for your replies as they really helped. Sorry late reply but we decided to go away for a week to see friends in Scotland. Take care and have a good week Michelle x


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