Cimzia - week 2

Evening peeps😆

Well, Wednesday was my 2nd lot of my loading dose (2x200mg injections) The nurse visited my home (a lovely bubbly lady) and was there for nearly 2 hours! She made sure I was confident with doing my own injections (with a pen-like device) and talked me through the procedure. I chose to do them in my legs this time (as I did them in my tummy last time) BIG mistake for me, as it turns out! She told me to pinch some flesh to inject into while missing any stretch marks. I was able to chose anywhere between my knee and the top of my leg. Note to oneself : choose the flabbiest part of my leg! Youch! As it clicked first. Crikey! As the liquid went in, while I waited for the second click. Boy oh boy! As she encouraged me to keep the pen in place and count to 20.....That really hurt! As my leg bled (only a little tiny drop) So...onto my next injection in my other leg. Not looking forward to this! Went for the fattest part of my thigh...and went for it again.....That was a lot better!,2,3...30. I felt a little faint, but I told my nurse that it was probably shock, as I sat there with 2 plasters on my legs and felt sorry for myself lol....

I think I'll stick to doing my Cimizia injections in my fat belly from now on as I didn't feel hardly anything in comparison last time- lesson learnt lol.

However, like last time (2 weeks ago) I had a bit of a pressure-type feeling in the back of my throat wasn't too bad and she suggested I took an antihistamine just incase. She also warned my local hospital of my slight reaction just incase I needed to go there or ring them. I was ok- but took one today as well.... no problems so ok. The nurse said sometimes it's ok to have a slight reaction as it shows it is having some effect 🤔

Onwards and upwards (she says while nursing 2 sore patches on her legs 😊😊)

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  • Hope it stays as good for you and works well. Blessings.

  • Glad it is going well.


  • I feel some positive vibes ! Good luck xx

  • Hi how is your ra being affected? Do u feel better? I start cimzia soon.

  • Hope it is all worth while for you. Best wishes for 2017 xx

  • I hope CIMZIA works as well for you as it has for me and many others. It put me on the road to remission. Good luck.

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