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I know why it's called energy "drain"


Well today I woke up and wasn't exhausted! Managed having a bath and getting dressed felt good - at 4 weeks of Hydroxychlorquine and 3rd dose of Methotrexate yesterday. Had breakfast and then whilst waiting for daughter to get dressed so we could walk the dog I think someone installed taps in my feet - turned them on full and the energy just drained away, literally like a bath draining!

So had a sleep then took the dog for a wander (not up to calling it a walk!)! I can battle the pain but the fatigue - I have no defense!

Is this how fatigue strikes others? Some days just total exhausted and others feel OK then bam!

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ttcc i agree with u can manage the pain but the fatigue is another story sometimes so tired i sit down to clean my teeth lol and i got electrick toothbrush i am sure felt better when weather was warmer i am looking after someones dog and hes waiting to go out for walk if it wasnt for him wouldnt bother animals are life savers hope u feel better as the day goes on i seem to be better in the afternoon and get more done xx

I know the feeling, I took a bath on Sunday (yes I do wash or shower on other days) and I came out and sat in the chair to rest.

This is the one of the things that I hate about RA.


I have forgotten what its like not to feel fatigued.xxxx

I bet you a penny that you have been busy as usual, though.


The fatique is unreal I'm suffering a wee bit with it at the moment sometimes just as bad as the pain

It's 8:30 in the evening and I just feel so exhausted. Not an over busy day at work either. The fatigue for me has been really bad this week.

That's how it gets me! I'll have a bad day so rest, then the next day I'll wake up feeling full of energy. As a consequence I'll do something mad like shopping or defrosting the freezer. Then the fatigue will come over me and I'll have to go to bed for two or three hours. I've been diagnosed with RA for 12 years but I don't think I'll ever come to terms with the fatigue. I worked full time in a stressful, difficult job for 11 of the 12 years since diagnosis and I really don't know how I survived that long!

My RA came on suddenly just as I retired (it was uncanny) last Christmas so I am mostly able to rest during the day. I can't imagine working with it - especially the job I did in nursery and reception classes- and my disease seems to be in remission atm. All of you workers deserve 'respect big time' .

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